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Submitted on Dec 27, 2007
by punkopunx

Identified fonts

Artic 2
No sample available
Identified by philippedada
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where can i find this font to download or purchase?

2770d 8h 49m 25s ago



Font identified as Artic 2 .

scroll down a little -- misspelling of Arctic (Filmotype) redesigned by Sam Wang 1996

2770d 6h 48m 2s ago

Case marked solved.

2770d 6h 8m 10s ago

I have also been searching for Clarence but am confused. What is the name of the font above, Arctic or Artic and where can I find it? Is it exactly the same as Clarence? Also, the link above brings me to Artic 2 but all it gives me is a movie clip that I cannot open.

2587d 4h 45m 23s ago

just scroll down and click pc or mac next to the mispelled arctic preview

2587d 4h 38m 42s ago

I did that but the file was a movie clip. I found it on another site though. Thanks!

2587d 4h 33m 8s ago

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