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Submitted on Mar 24, 2008
by mikebrown

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3110d 12h 37m 44s ago



Hi Mike... this is definetly cool lettering, but I’m convinced it’s handwritten. The repeat letters, are dissimilar from their like counterparts, if it was a true type font, you’d expect to see them as the same. It’s really subtle, but when you enlarge the image it becomes very visable.

Very nice writing, but not a font. I hate to be the bearer of bad news... especiallyl when something this cool looking should be a font, haha.

3110d 11h 1m 56s ago

I’m not convinced yet :) Every time I think I see a subtle difference... the width of the o’s, the distance of the r’s horizontal bar... I go into photoshop and overlay them and it’s not there after all. I can see slight differences in the ‘brush’ effect but that can be an effect of the printing, the paper it’s on, the scanning, or photo editing program.

Overlay those 3’s, or the “ri” in drive and in florida. I’ve seen some superhuman sh*t but nobody can get that r bar to cut between the i at the exact same angle and distance, or make those 3’s and 7’s so exactly identical, or make that little nub at the top of the “o” where the end of the stroke crosses just so... if some human can do this I need video proof O_o

3110d 10h 23m 11s ago

I agree. It has to be a font but I haven’t found it yet. The paper is linen and the lettering is raised.

3110d 9h 57m 15s ago

perhaps it’s an Open Type font sold as proprietary to the Stationer? Do you know Mike what stationer was used?

3110d 8h 43m 50s ago

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