Submitted on Mar 25, 2008
by denhie

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Hello, can anyone help me with finding this font? I know its old. Searched in 2 font books and still havent find anything thats like the same. Thx for your help!

2874d 21h 11m 57s ago



Thx for replying. Still I hope there is a digital version. So I will keep searching

2868d 21h 48m 33s ago
J-Louise Heron:


Thank you for the sample - it is a lovely script -- I especially like the drawing of the periods - reminds me why I love Goudy Old Style so much. (Though most digitized GOS do not have the diamond punctuation anymore.)

While searching I found something with the same feel - I know, it is not the same - but I thought you might appreciate it. It’s called Andantino, and may make a nice substitute if you cannot find what you need. You can view it for yourself at:

Backslanted slightly and a bit condensed... :-)

2868d 21h 18m 6s ago

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