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Submitted on Mar 28, 2008
by idesign7

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TF Saginaw
No sample available
Identified by mrodi
Laramie Pro Demi (profonts)
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Identified by mrodi
ITC Studio Script Alt (Linotype)
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Identified by mrodi
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Font is very similar to Freehand 591, but not quite there.

3072d 17h 56m 54s ago



Font identified as ITC Studio Script Alt.

3072d 17h 43m 3s ago

Font identified as Laramie Pro Demi.

3072d 17h 42m 45s ago

Font identified as TF Saginaw.

Three versions of the font designed by Robert Evans, choose yours ;)

3072d 17h 40m 38s ago

Case marked solved.

3072d 17h 10m 45s ago

Studio Script Alt is the winner! Thanks much! :)

3072d 17h 9m 58s ago

You’re welcome! glad I could help.

3072d 16h 1m 42s ago

Case marked unsolved.

3071d 21h 29m 14s ago

Thank you to mrodi for correctly identifying this as our TFSaginaw.

There is a showing of our authentic TFSaginaw Bold, generated from our Treacyfaces typesampler, at

If mrodi or someone else can help me post it where “No sample available” appears at the start of this thread, I’d be grateful.

Headliners' Bob Evans created the ruling pen script design about 1960 as an outgrowth of handlettered ad and magazine headlines he was doing. In the 1960s, he named it Laramie (not the like-named design you see elsewhere in this thread!).

In 1992, before Treacyfaces permanently assumed the Headliners library under contract in 1995, Mr Evans changed the design name to Saginaw, for reasons that were important to him as designer and custodian of the design for about 32 years.

In 1995, since the lettering had for quite a while been the Headliners logo font, I combined it with our Treacyfaces mark to create the Treacyfaces/Headliners design that our customers have seen on Treacyfaces catalogs and at since 1996.

After 1995, I went on to personally draw many more varieties of TFSaginaw, and far beyond the original Light, Medium and Bold, there are now 12 varieties. All can be seen and licensed at

For those here that truly care about nuance and true quality, and not simply where your next free fonts are coming from, you might find it interesting and helpful to scrutinize our authentic TFSaginaw: how it truly contains Bob’s intended ruling pen script design, not the rubbery blobbiness of the others cited in this thread.

Thanks again, mrodi. And thanks to everyone here at WTF for listening and allowing me to update your knowledge base regarding TFSaginaw.

All the best,
Joe Treacy
President & Director of Typography
Treacyfaces, Inc.

3071d 20h 37m 39s ago

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