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Submitted on Apr 10, 2008
by CatsnDogs

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Please, I searched and searched but couldn't find this one... Anyone got a clue? Thanks!

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2659d 5h 37m 0s ago

alexx, at first glance this appears to be a font, and it is indeed gorgeous calligraphy, but when blown up...you can see that the duplicate letters do not match. They are quite close...but not exact, and would be were this a font. (unless it is an Open Type that I do not recognize, but I’m doubtful about that). I could try to find some similar fonts for you if you would like. Let me know.

Case marked not-a-font.

2659d 3h 12m 4s ago

jan, first of all, thanks! I didn’t think of matching duplicate letters - that was a sharp one! :)

If you have suggestions to similar fonts I would be grateful cause like you said it is a beautiful calligraphy indeed! I already found the popular “Swan song” but more would only help.

Again, thanks!

2657d 15h 4m 16s ago

LOL! Swang Song was the first that came to mind! Anyway, I’m happy to help out, but will have to be Friday. I’m was past my beddie-bye and am hitting a wall.

2657d 13h 53m 29s ago

I’m about 94% sure it’s a font, will keep looking, hopefully not wasting my time :)

2655d 36m 35s ago

Changed my mind lol :/

While some letters are just supernaturally consistent, and it’s possible differences can be the result of opentype happiness, there are other covers with this lettering and their letters are all different too. example:

So, nice handwriting it is... this designer should make it a font.

2654d 15h 38m 16s ago

Oooh! I agree, creedo. It is lovely calligraphy.

2654d 14h 41m 27s ago

So differences is possible for Opentype? Didn’t know that - Yum, yum! :)

I love to get my hands on this one though. It’s really beautiful.

2652d 15h 53m 6s ago

well, it’s pretty much confirmed not a font, because it appears to be the work of a well-known calligrapher named Ruth Rowland:


Her work is really amazing. Part of the reason for the consistency is she’ll scan and re-use a couple of letters (within each job, not for all of her work). Sneaky~

And yeah, opentype is neat, it not only lets you choose alternates, it can automatically fit in the best alternate in certain situations (like... if this were a font, it would automatically make the taller, longer r to fit over the y, but choose the regular r to fit over an o)

2652d 11h 12m 47s ago

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