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Submitted on Nov 28, 2008
by tophy52

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Motter Ombra (Othmar Motter)
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Identified by schwalbenkoenig
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Please Help, just can't put a name on this old font !


2827d 6h 8m 57s ago



Font identified as Motter Ombra (Othmar Motter).

See threads for detail: Roro had an inofficial digitization (with cyrillcs) as Motter Hombre at Dafont.

2827d 5h 25m 50s ago

Thanks my friend !!
Roro “had”, it’s not here anymore,
tha’ts why i couldn’t find it
called DSMotterHo, but only outlined and it’s not quite the one, DSMotterHomb is only UpperCase.

On Typophile you said:
but can’t find a download/buy site
even on nor at

I knew it was a Letraset
where did it go ?

2827d 3h 4m 29s ago

Tophy, as far as I know it was never digitized. The only digital approximation was Motter Hombre. At Motterfonts they claim that they will sell them soon, but they said that a long while ago. Sorry.

2826d 21h 19m 2s ago

Sent the Motters an email about the digital availabilty of their fonts. In short and rough translation:
Motter Ombra is available digitally for two weeks, now. Also Faktum, Femina, Ferrum and Ornata. Soon available will be Tektura and Air.
The price is 30 Euro per weight. All of their fonts are based on the original designs and should be an improvement to the questionable and inofficially designed downloadable freefonts (especially Femina)

They will send via email or ftp. The website will be featured with direct download via paypal.

So just send them an email on siegmund [at] motter [dot] at and you can licence your font.

The original response in german:
»die Ombra ist seit 2 Wochen digital verfügbar.
Zudem die: 
- Faktum, 
- Femina, 
- Ferrum und die
- Ornata.
Sie kosten jeweils 30 Euro (netto), die Faktum je Schnitt 
(5 Schnitte, jeweils normal + kursiv).
Die Tektura und die Air sind in Arbeit.

Alle unsere Fonts fussen auf den analogen Original-Reinzeichnungen. 
Das betrifft speziell die Femina, von der leider sehr schwache, unauthorisierte Kopien kursieren.

Wenn Du Interesse hast, könnte ich Sie Dir via Email und/oder Mac-ftp zukommen lassen. Die Schriftwebsite wird/soll künftig mit Downloadfunktion und Paypal ausgestattet sein.«

Update: Siegmund Motter affirms that Luc de Groot was responsible for the digitization of Motter Faktum, Motter Ornata und Motter Ferrum

2824d 7h 38m 41s ago

Case marked solved.

2337d 23h 32m 50s ago

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