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Submitted on Mar 23, 2009
by kirsteent

Identified fonts

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2324d 20h 14m 54s ago



It looks a little bit like Emmascript MVB-Regular, but maybe not exact. Look at the font, it’s cute!

2324d 20h 11m 15s ago

It is called CK_Alis_Hand_Official (CK Media) but I could not find a download just now, kirsteent. Maybe another WTF regular will know.

2324d 16h 56m 55s ago

Thank you both for responding. I found a download link for CK_Alis_Hand_Official here:


Thanks very much for identifying it jan!

2324d 16h 26s ago

Case marked solved.

2324d 16h 12s ago

You are quite welcome, and thanks to YOU for supplying the link!

2324d 15h 22m 29s ago

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