Submitted on Nov 3, 2005
by paperflowers

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Is anyone able to identify this font for me please? Looked everywhere but can't find :(


3748d 5h 17m 32s ago



KopyKattKut Bold by Austin Putnam. I don't think its available commercially, but you can reach him via his company, deBeyer/6ix:

3747d 19h 47m 54s ago

Case marked solved.

3747d 19h 47m 50s ago

Thanks very much for your help!

3747d 13h 57m 8s ago

scott8933: if I may ask, how did you find this out? I've been looking for the name of this font for ages...I've seen it used in three different places, but this is the first time anyone’s actually provided a font name.

However, no one from debeyer6ix has replied to my e-mail to confirm or refute the identity of this font as being KopyKattKut Bold or otherwise. did you find out?

Thanks...and you wouldn't happen to know where I might be able to get a version of this font, would you? Even if it’s a clone?

3712d 1h 59m 45s ago

My wife designed the main title for Charmed, and Austin Putnam & I went to school together.... So my sources are, as they say, pretty reliable.

Email me your contact info at scott8933 @; Putnam probably just has an out of date address on that website. He likes money, so I'm sure something can be worked out!

(it strikes me that this forum could use a “private reply” feature of some sort)

3711d 16h 19m 57s ago
J-Louise Heron:


A private reply would encourage illegal distribution of fonts.

Think about it - WTC is here to sell fonts - not give them away.

Meanwhile, I've placed # bands in your email address - so the spammers don't get you...

3639d 4h 3m 18s ago

please can u send me this font with MSN Messenger or via e-mail?

3598d 16h 12m 54s ago

Font identified as charmed.

2497d 23h 43m 38s ago

Case marked unsolved.

2497d 23h 43m 1s ago

Case marked not-a-font.

2497d 23h 41m 17s ago
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