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Submitted on Feb 18, 2010
by donedotcom

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2109d 4h 42m 43s ago



modified Basilea. See this thread:

2109d 3h 33m 37s ago

The link for Kellie Ann (by Chuck Davis) does not work at Letterhead Fonts anymore. I guess it’s no longer available there.

2109d 2h 30m 15s ago

Can someone please find a link for this font.

2109d 2h 17m 19s ago

A vector-based version of the logo is available at http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/search/122051713/39888.html. It’s not the font, but maybe it’s helpful?

2108d 16h 43m 6s ago

I asked Letterhead Fonts about Kellie Ann and here is the quick response:

There are many older fonts that we no longer sell. This is one of them.

Thank you,
Carolyn Smith, Customer Service
Letterhead Fonts

2108d 14h 51m 9s ago

Here’s new info from Chuck Davis, president of Letterhead Fonts:
> I am creating a new version of Kellie Ann which will be renamed "LHF
> Understudy". It will feature 3 versions. Should be complete by mid-March.

2108d 10h 26m 34s ago

Good work, John. Letterhead Fonts pulls fonts now and then for different reasons. Boston Truckstyle was off for a while because they wanted to put more work into the font, as I recall. Sort of interesting to see the work in progress. But doesn’t help someone who wants it now.

2108d 6h 10m 21s ago

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