Submitted on Jan 23, 2006
by macmaniacttt

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Freight Sans Black (GarageFonts)
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Identified by terranrich
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anyone know what font starbucks uses?

3669d 4h 42m 46s ago


J-Louise Heron:

You may find some interesting reading to help you here:

3669d 4h 11m 34s ago

Um yeah, that results page doesn't provide any answers.

Does anybody know what font was used?

3657d 53m 21s ago

I've found a font that is the closest one I've seen yet:

SG Today Sans Serif SH Ultra

All the characters match, but somehow it doesn't look exact. Maybe it’s just my own eyes?

3655d 8h 46m 16s ago
J-Louise Heron:

it’s your eyes... LOL

The C is way off... among other things...

You might enjoy reading this thread from a different forum on the same topic (I quickly added your suggestion),52323

3655d 8h 36m 55s ago

Font identified as Freight Sans Black.

I've found it!!! HAHA!! Finally!

I got the vector logo from, straightened out the letters manually, and then ran it through WhatTheFont.

It’s Freight Sans Black. :-D

Case marked solved.

3638d 15h 6m 2s ago
J-Louise Heron:

Thank you so much for sharing - this has driven many people to drink - :-)

3638d 14h 59m 45s ago

Case marked unsolved.

3385d 8h 18m 23s ago
Stephen Coles:

Though quite similar to Freight Sans, the Starbucks logo was custom drawn many years previous.

3254d 8h 19m 27s ago

Font identified as memo.

memo loves coffee

3022d 18h 11m 2s ago
Stephen Coles:

Can anyone decipher that last post?

3022d 11h 47m 42s ago
J-Louise Heron:

Maybe lacony is memo - and just loves his/her coffee -- but has English as a secondary language... LOL

Just a guess...

3021d 20h 32m 6s ago

Case marked solved.

2995d 20h 15m 30s ago

Case marked unsolved.

2864d 12h 28m 3s ago

Did somebody just launch a contest for a starbucks parody ad or something? Why are there like 30 posts in a row from different people with different starbucks advertising/etc.? I’m so confused.

2864d 10h 23m 57s ago

because I accidentally put the “starbucks” filter on when I clicked on someone’s link, that’s why. Now I’m dumb, but not confused.

2864d 10h 22m 24s ago

Case marked not-a-font.

2734d 21h 32m 44s ago

Case marked unsolved.

2699d 3h 6m 31s ago

Case marked solved.

2699d 3h 6m 20s ago

Case marked not-a-font.

1638d 2h 36m 44s ago

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