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Submitted on Feb 7, 2006
by artist143tm@[12076].com

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3885d 12h 45m 34s ago


J-Louise Heron:

Only the new Barbie is availabe - we think this one was handlettered

You may want to read what others have said (on another forum)...,search=barbie,page=1,match_type=ALL,match_dates=365,match_forum=THISONE,body=1,author=1,subject=1

3885d 11h 26m 45s ago

Wow! That is a harsh forum, Jackie. :{

3885d 11h 9m 34s ago
J-Louise Heron:


Sometimes brutal...

But I enjoy them - it took me a long while to get use to what was going on...

3885d 11h 8m 13s ago

Frankly, ey, that forum scares the bejeezus out of me. I prefer the (relatively) docile eggheads here...and I mean that in a good way.

3885d 10h 14m 57s ago
J-Louise Heron:

That board is a bit different. The majority of people on it are looking for free fonts. There are many young adults, college students, HS students, etc. from all over world. I have not been in touch with music in years - nor have I seen their type of type treatment in the professional world.

Here we tend to have professionals and folks who understand that the font they want - will most likely be a commercial/non-gratis font. Sometimes they really do need the help of a true type-lover to have their questions met.

The regulars over there are tired of people not helping themselves. So many of the same questions are asked - it feels like - on a daily basis. How many times can we tell folks that Catull is the font that Google is in - and yes, it’s from Berthold, and yes, you must pay for it...

And think about it - I've been answering more of the free-font info here... I would never have known those fonts if it weren't for that forum... :-)

Never too old to learn - and as long as I can read....

P.S. Jan, now that you can switch your name - how about Jandotcom... that way we know its you :-) the first Jan@*com! or just Jan....

3885d 10h 7m 29s ago

Chris told me what he was going to do...the post at the top of the forum, so he said to jump on jan*.com before the other Jan and thus jan*.com could stay as me...uh...mine.

Re: the dafont forum...I do go and read things there...but it is a much younger, wilder crowd! BTW: I think you are a great moderator there.

3885d 8h 3m 41s ago
J-Louise Heron:

and I'm chopped liver here???

The owner made me a moderator - before I had 10 messages up there - I think he already knew me from here. They are mostly French, and well, I'll just say English is not their native language... they needed someone with type experience and a grasp of English. They have told me I do have something to offer - go figure....

3885d 7h 57m 11s ago

Once you're hooked, Jackie...;)

3884d 14h 9m 19s ago

Font identified as eps.


This font doesn't have the star over the “i” but as far as that goes it’s on. Hope it works

3883d 11h 3m 50s ago

Case marked solved.

3883d 11h 3m 11s ago

Tobinj, that is not a font. It is an EPS of the Barbie logo.

3883d 11h 2m 0s ago

Case marked unsolved.

3883d 11h 1m 17s ago

PMFJIH, but what is EPS?

3883d 6h 54m 1s ago

Encapsulated PostScript -- usually “pictures” -- art

.bmap, .scr, .suit, .ttf -- those are fonts (or parts of fonts)

3883d 6h 15m 15s ago

They are similar to JPEG’s, which most people are more familiar with.

An EPS (or .eps as you see the attachment on a document) is just one of several formats that carry all the info you need to open up the document and use it.

In the case of the Brands of the World site, those EPS’s are line drawings (vector artwork), which makes them easy to use.

3883d 3h 15m 29s ago

Font identified as ‘EPS’ must be the funniest thing ever posted on this forum.

3883d 3h 6m 48s ago

Thanks a lot, I've learned a lot from you guys.

3882d 23h 14m 5s ago

Font identified as Barbie.

Case marked solved.

3628d 5h 45m 27s ago

Why are all the links to this page dead?

3627d 13h 40m 26s ago

Three things. First, some of those links are 257 days old. Second, the forum was shut down when they discovered it was too easy to hack into. Finally, the last person to post gave a bogus link.

3627d 13h 36m 37s ago
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