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Submitted on Mar 17, 2006
by linktgf

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The cover of the original Megadeth album ( has the band’s logo written in a font I have not been able to identify. Given that this album had a rushed production on the artwork I doubt that they produced a new font specifically for the cover.

If it helps, the album was released in 1985 (for time period reference)

thank you in advance

- adrian ramirez

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bump :(

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This sample is actually a typeface called English Tudor which was dewigned by Letraset in 1981 as dry-transfer lettering.
English Tudor was an open face black letter, the sample shown is someone filled in the open areas to make a solid version for the logo shown.

English Tudor has not been digitized as of yet, it could happen by having an open and a solid version.

You can find English Tudor in Letraset Graphics Manual (1981-1997).

Yours truly,

3714d 21h 47m 18s ago

Thank you much Robert! I've been looking for this typeface forever and I am a bit disappointed in it not being digitized (as I was planning to use it for the Megadeth tribute album I am producing) but now I am one step closer to finding what I need :)

Do you know of any place (besides the Letraset Graphics Manual) online I can see samples of this typeface?

thank you again!

- adrian

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Case marked solved.

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Case marked not-a-font.

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