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Submitted on Apr 10, 2006
by carina58

Identified fonts

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i like the round character and the form, which is similar to the DIN. this font is also a little bit similar to the CONDUIT [but cleaner in detail]. HELP: What the name of this font???

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Carina, Carina... help us please by providing the name of the company which uses this font.

It reminds me of Fontsmith’s FS Albert except that FS Albert has a single storey “a” and a different "£" sign but this could be customized to suit the client.

3426d 3h 51m 21s ago

the company’s name is: scottish widows - www.scottishwidows.co.uk [actually they have ADs in London].

thanks a lot !!! cheers, carina*

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i just checked: i think it is not the FS Albert. the small a is different and a few other things too. but thank you anyway. FS albert is nice as well ;) // c*

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Thank you. If you visit that site and download a PDF document such as >>


Check the Font details under “Document Properties” or “Document Fonts” and you will see “FSAlbertSW”. So they are using a custom version of FS Albert (with the different “a” etc.). You can’t buy the Scottish Widows version but Fontsmith may sell a similar version if you ask them.

Case marked solved.

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