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Submitted on Jun 1, 2006
by mibishibi

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Major Production NF (Nick's Fonts)
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Identified by Mike F.
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anyone know the font of the movie ratings?

3710d 6h 48m 28s ago


J-Louise Heron:
3710d 6h 17m 10s ago

also, the ‘NC’ is not the same font as the ‘RPG’

3710d 6h 10m 6s ago
Mike F.:

Font identified as Major Production NF.

My understanding is that there is no font. These are just graphics (and, as Philippe alluded to, inconsistent in style). I knew, though, that I had seen a new release font that mimics these but couldn’t find it until now (it was referred to on

I predict that this font, which incorporates both movie titling and MPAA ratings symbols, becomes a best seller for Nick Curtis.

3703d 15h 30m 23s ago

Great find, Mike!

3703d 14h 28m 31s ago

jus' LOVE it when mixed mess becomes the STANDARD '

3703d 11h 17m 18s ago

Yes, that ‘C’ will always look out of place.

3703d 11h 12m 26s ago

Believe me, it’s definitely a font. I saw a poster at the movie theater yesterday that all the text was written with the font. I don’t think they would make characters and not a whole font family.

3384d 17h 49m 20s ago
J-Louise Heron:

John - are you part of

And it was not unusual for each movie production house to stick whatever font they wanted for a rating system...

Maybe one day they will get their act together.

3384d 17h 43m 38s ago

Pretty font !!

3383d 10h 39m 36s ago

Font identified as Melior.

Appears to be derived from old Linotype version of the Melior font, possibly extended to some degree.

2939d 14h 37m 28s ago

Case marked solved.

2744d 7h 37m 4s ago

Melior is a good guess, but it’s not the same. You can see that the serifs in the movie rating font are rounded. Although Melior has similar rounded brackets, (as seen on the ‘P’ or the ascender of the ‘R’) the serifs are square.

Also, there is a rectangular shape caused by the drastic contrasting stroke weight that is quite noticeable in forms such as ‘G’ and in the bowl of the ‘R’ or the ‘P’. Melior, being a very circular typeface, lacks this.

The contrasting stroke widths in the poster font create a more rectangular shape that is quite noticeable in forms such as ‘G’ and in the bowl of the ‘R’ or ‘P’.

2377d 5h 27m 6s ago

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