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Submitted on Jul 26, 2006
by arahardj

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Identified by Stephen Coles
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This font is most likely copyrighted - but I just want something that’s very close.

3682d 2h 4m 55s ago



It is arahardj, see here, but sort of close (although no cigar) is Good Dog Plain.

3682d 1h 4m 23s ago
Stephen Coles:

Similar: FF Providence.

Other similar fonts in Typographica’s list of hand lettered serifs.

3487d 3h 4m 12s ago
J-Louise Heron:

Font identified as Providence-Bold.

Hi wonderhurt

Nice similar feeling you found. Please next time, use the fonts that is on WTF - only if is does not exist here suggest someone else’s site.

Thank you.

Case marked solved.

3487d 2h 48m 49s ago

Anyone know where to score a free copy of Providence Greek Bold

3123d 8h 53m 59s ago
J-Louise Heron:

This is a very inappropriate question thorrut. This site exists because it SELLS fonts. The majority of people that use this site are professionals and they know legally they must have legal fonts.

Do not ask for commercial fonts for free. You are asking someone to help you commit a crime.

3123d 8h 29m 17s ago

First of all I am sure the people at Life is Good have made a font out of the drawing by now. Making fonts is not hard but I am also sure they have copyrighted it for their uses only. As for JackieT, no that is NOT an inapproiate question as their are some people who help each other out and some who feel the need to be the worlds policemen so go back in your little room and let the rest of us play together nicely. You can find a copy of the font at [Link removed]

2679d 11h 52m 13s ago

Thanks, it may have seemed inappropriate, but if the FONT Giants would come off the cost of a font once in a while there wouldn’t have to be an underground of font exchange activity.

2679d 11h 38m 18s ago

“Making fonts is not hard” are you kidding me!?
Why do you bring up a year+ old-solved-thread, tennessee? and why so harsh?

I need to design and print my die cut business cards... lets play together nicely... you surely can design my business cards for free, right?

2679d 10h 28m 8s ago
J-Louise Heron:


It was very inappropriate - tell me, as a child did you ever walk into a candy store and just want to take the candy? If you had parents who taught you right from wrong - you would know, it is okay to think that way - but, you do not steal. You pay the store owner the money and chose what you wanted.

Why are fonts any different?

Meanwhile - very nice Tennessee, I heard from my pal mrodi - you are going to design all of our logos for us (how many moderators now? 12, 14?) and print us up business cards. What a pal? Glad I don’t have to steal or pay for your services.

P.S. Thorrut - if you cannot afford fonts - there are so many out there that are legit for use without charge. So pray tell, what is your excuse now? Don’t want to be without the latest... get use to it - the economy is awful for everyone - even the multi-millionaires...
2679d 10h 6m 56s ago

OK for one, I did pay for the font, and as a kid how many of you sampled the grapes in the produce department. I just needed it for a spec. That’s all, nothing else. I didnt want to spend it unless I needed it. That was one of the only only fonts I didnt have that the customer wanted to see there info in. OK, again this thread is old, good God let it go. I never got it for free, I never bought the font I drew the font they wanted, because they wanted to tweak certain ligatures. So there!!!

2679d 9h 40m 10s ago
J-Louise Heron:

and that’s the way it should be. Many times we custom draw the letters for a layout (meanwhile, if you are a professional at this, you’ll know never do anything for spec) --

I’m not the one that revived this thread from the dead - but I don’t think I’ll ever accept someone coming in and asking for a commercial font for free.

2679d 9h 35m 46s ago

One I am a professional at this, but that is neither here nor there. I asked where I can score a free font, sue me. Hold on wait a minute do you work for the music industry or the movie industry. No! So step off the ivory tower come down to reality. I wanted to try the font for a spec to see how it would work.

Spec is short for speculative. Didn’t say it wasn’t sold, it was a speculative project for a client who is on a retainer basis (already sold)!

Subject done it’s over with! Leave it alone or should we shake some dust off of someone else’s skeletons in the closet.

Oh yeah, I did not inhale!!!

2679d 9h 0s ago

Sorry for the rant, bad day, can we please play nice. I made a mistake let’s move on please. Sorry!

2679d 8h 48m 30s ago

To add to this discussion, the font used in the life is good logo is in fact hand done and is not part of any font. There is, however, a Life is Good font called the “Life is Good Homemade Font” that is available to retailers and Genuine Life is Good Shoppes. This is the font used on the majority of the t-shirts that is slightly different than the lettering in the logo.

Life is Good has another font they use called “Jacoby”, which is a toned down version of the “Life is Good Homemade Font”. This font is also only available to the sources above. I happen to have the Life is Good Style Guide, so I know for a fact that these fonts exist.

Just thought I’d help put an end to the argument whether it existed or not. =)

2595d 5h 8m 18s ago

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