Submitted on Aug 4, 2006
by blakemichaelson

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Market Deco
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Any suggestions? I'd like to be faithful to this piece of history in my work...

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What year was that sign erected?

3476d 20h 44m 20s ago

Looks like Kem Weber to me?
see thread:

3476d 17h 14m 46s ago

It is not exact, Pixie. Note the M, also the size of the bowls in the P and R. Also, the center bar in the E looks centered in the sample. Oh, and the K.

There are several that have the same feel that I found, but had similar problems.

It might be a font that hasn’t made it into the digitized age, or a font made up by the sign company or an agency.

That was one reason I asked the age of the sign. A creation date might help one of the gurus find something.

3476d 16h 3m 41s ago

To the best of my knowledge the sign was erected ca 1930...

3475d 10h 32m 50s ago

I just noticed that the center bar of the E is lower in the word “Market” than it is in “Center”. That might suggest a custom-made job. It could be a made up face borrowed from the faces of that era. I’ll do a further search using the date as a guide.

No luck. I suppose you could simply call it an “Art Deco” style.

3474d 19h 39m 36s ago

Kinda looks like MostraThree?

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Case marked solved.

3399d 9h 57m 51s ago
J-Louise Heron:

That’s a really nice find Lisa. Don’t know how you stumbled upon it - but most likely the closest Blake will come to keeping true to the font. Good job!

3399d 2h 35m 42s ago

Thanks! If you look here the “R’s” are the same. The picture first posted isn’t a very good shot.

3398d 23h 5m 47s ago

Hi,i happen to have a prob like this way back in college. And you did a remarkable job!

[EDIT: Spam removed]

2333d 10h 23s ago

It’s Market Deco
(Sorry if it’s already mentioned above.)

2276d 1h 51m 31s ago

I think this may be what you are looking for.

Font identified: Market Deco.
2276d 7m 47s ago

Something else that’s related to Labor Day that I saw on YouTube today was this video all about the Pike Place Market going green: . You should check this out.

Case marked “not a font.”
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