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Submitted on Oct 26, 2012
by raycrp@[17345].com

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We're trying to reverse engineer old T-shirts from our marching band program in preparation for the school’s 50th anniversary next year. This marching band show shirt (front on top, back on bottom) from 1992 has had the screen-printed ink deteriorate over time, and as a result, WhatTheFont can't properly detect any of the letters. Identifont can't figure it out either. Someone on these forums suggested Wedding Text / Linotext, which is VERY close, but not exact... and we're looking for exact. I'd rather not have to do a vector tracing by hand...

1433d 21h 58m 5s ago



Also close is ‘Wedding’ by HiH:

(The three were designed by Morris Fuller Benton).

1433d 21h 6m 25s ago

Thank you for the response (almost forgot about this). “Wedding” is also close, which suggests the font in question might also have been by Benton, but in browsing several font archives with listings by designers, I still haven’t come up with an exact match... which, unfortunately, is what the organization is looking for. I’ve browsed through thousands of blackletter fonts on MyFonts, Identifont, The Font Pool, etc., but can’t seem to locate this Wedding-like font with hooks on the uppercase letters and less of a bottom left tail on the “R” and so on...

1320d 15h 41m 44s ago

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