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Submitted on Mar 12, 2005
by helangen

Identified fonts

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Hi there. I got the next problem. My boss wants me to “recreate” a font which I believe has to exist somewhere. Can anyone identify this font? I'd appreciate any clues. Thanks in advance. Henning

3867d 14h 59m 40s ago


J-Louise Heron:

Dear Helangen - I believe you may have to “create” a font - Le Petit Prince was handlettered years ago by the designer of the book cover...

If you look closely you will see the three Es are not alike - even the capital Ps aren't even the same weight - the P on Prince is a bit heavier.

I'm not marking this as solved - because you never know, someone out there may be aware of a type designer who has a font that is similar or based on this handwriting.

Good luck.

3867d 10h 2m 18s ago

A few script fonts are very close, but nothing the same.
These are the most similar, but see what you can find.
It looks hand drawn to me too.

3863d 13h 38m 51s ago

Hi there and thanks to you both. I guess you're right. I really looks handdrawn. Nethertheless I'm going to try the two suggested fonts, too. Again thanks for your help. Cheers. Henning

3863d 12h 54m 0s ago

Case marked solved.

2430d 4h 57m 51s ago

Case marked unsolved.

2040d 23h 47m 33s ago

Case marked solved.

2040d 23h 47m 24s ago

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