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Submitted on Feb 15, 2013

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Similar: LinotypeZapfino One
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I found this typeface in book: “The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy & Illumination” In title of page is ornamental italic, but who know what its came from? There is no specific information about typefaces. It is a old? Can I use it for commerce? I don't no. (and sorry for my english)

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I doubt that they used a typeface to teach the art of calligraphy. That is probably hand lettered.

1321d 24m 17s ago

Case marked not-a-font.

1319d 11h 32m 59s ago

If you like this type of calligraphy, there ARE several beautiful typefaces that are closely modelled on it. For example:
Poetica (its hundreds of variant letterforms, used creatively, allow for something approaching hand-lettering):
Cal Humanistic Cursive:
Bradley Chancery:
Hope these are helpful!

1319d 8h 43m 28s ago[11599].com:

yes, this is helpful, thank you. So one more question. Can’t I use this letters? Is the better way buy some of those similar typeface?

1319d 6h 15m 38s ago

Case marked Partially resolved.

1319d 4h 15s ago

This is Zapfino.

Similar font identified: Linotype Zapfino™.
1319d 3h 58m 0s ago

To use these particular letters, you would need to digitize them and convert them into a font format, which requires time, software and technical expertise. There are individuals and companies who specialize in that work ... But it would also involve questions of copyright permission from the original author/calligrapher.
I believe that it would be easier and more efficient to purchase a font which is sufficiently similar to the lettering sample you have posted.

1319d 44m 28s ago

Zapfino is probably the least like the sample of those mentioned. Structurally this is closer, but without the loops. Maestro is good as well. Zapfino is way more slanted and has a tighter and more refined look.

1319d 3m 17s ago[11599].com:

I want use it in only logo. So I would convert it into vector format. But there is that copyright question. Probably I will use something else than. Thank you I know more now.

1318d 9h 7m 42s ago

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