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Submitted on Feb 16, 2013
by franklinivp@[11599].com

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Clarendon Black (Bitstream)
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Identified by iamdozeh
Clarendon Black (Bitstream)
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Identified by iamdozeh
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1289d 4h 14m 58s ago



This is Claredon Black BT, this font was modified the horizontal perspective, (flatten) and added white outline large, and blue fill (100% and 100% cyan magenta), and below the font, is the equal or copy font, in black, color, to simulate the shadow, and the background color in red. See configuration in CorelDRAW.

1288d 22h 18m 37s ago

Is this...

1288d 22h 9m 12s ago

Case marked solved.

1288d 22h 9m 8s ago

Case marked unsolved.

Please allow the original poster to mark it solved. They still may have a question. If they come back and thank you but do not mark it, then you can do so.


1288d 21h 39m 52s ago

Font identified as Clarendon Black.

For show. It is sold right here at MyFonts.

1288d 21h 35m 10s ago


Font identified: Clarendon Black.
1287d 23h 31m 57s ago

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