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Submitted on Feb 17, 2013
by lebouef

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I am looking for a nice hand drawn serif like the one in the image above. I don't know if the sample is actually hand drawn, but if there is anything similiar and not too exaggerated I would be most grateful!

927d 11h 13m 19s ago



The sample looks hand-drawn (not a font), since all three E’s in the larger type are different. Some similar suggestions:
- Bodoni At Home (manually slanted, but does not include &), http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/resistenza/bodoni-at-home/
- Gulyesa Script (manually slanted), http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ahmet-altun/gulyesa-script/

927d 10h 57m 53s ago

(duplicate post)

927d 10h 57m 21s ago

Thank you Darrylz, I didn’t notice the differentiation in the E’s. I think Bodoni at home may be too exaggerated but I will go take a look at the Gulyesa script, thanks!

No , italics for the Bodoni, and the Gulyesa is a little too girly. Hmmm? I looked at some of the GLC fonts as well, but maybe there’s another suggestion out there?
927d 10h 42m 55s ago

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