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Submitted on Oct 4, 2007
by nathanhoffman01

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Museo Sans 500 (exljbris)
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Identified by zachehm@[11599].com
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Lots of discussion about the new logo Interbrand designed for AT&T. Most certainly custom, or is it?

3159d 13h 27m 22s ago



yes, and only the logo, not a font

3159d 12h 54m 48s ago

Case marked solved.

3148d 2h 26m 24s ago

I work for AT&T. The official corporate font is Clearview which is also used in the logo.

3146d 20h 37m 45s ago

good to know -- never saw an ad with that font used

3146d 16h 27m 21s ago

This is clearly not Clearview. To be correct the official corporate typeface for all AT&T materials is AT&T Clearview. They have modified slightly the new US highways typeface by Terminal Design.

3139d 11h 52m 56s ago

Font identified as clearview at&t.

here is the official at&t clearview font

3100d 12h 23m 55s ago
J-Louise Heron:

Cellman - I deleted the site - because that was not an “official” site but just a file sharing site that someone had loaded an illegal copy of the corporate font on.

Meanwhile - if you want to read about the new at&t (or not so new anymore) you can at the official site and a few other places too.

3100d 7h 52m 16s ago

Hi, I know this post is old but you can download the typefaces free here:

[link removed for the reasons already stated above]

2631d 20h 41m 14s ago

Case marked unsolved.

2461d 21h 51m 11s ago

I work on at&t artwork on a daily basis and closely with at&t brand.
The official font used for all at&t 2.0 branded material is called ClearviewATT (a proprietary version of clearview) HOWEVER the logo is NOT this font.

2294d 16h 41m 38s ago

The & is different and there may be a little mod on the a tail.

Font identified: Museo Sans™.
1818d 17h 5m 52s ago

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