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Did you know?
The new MyFonts logo was designed in 2008 by Underware. It is a custom-drawn logotype; it doesn’t (yet!) exist in font form. Read more about the design process on our blog. new logo
For the page headings all over MyFonts, we use the rounded sans-serif font Proxima Nova Soft, designed for us by Mark Simonson.


The original MyFonts logo was a placeholder thrown together by Fusion Media Group. It was not replaced for nine years, when in 2008 a new logo was commissioned from Underware for the redesign. old logo
WhatTheFont was originally called ‘Identafont’ — the name was changed in 2000 to avoid confusion with the unrelated service Identifont. identafont
Steve Zafarana designed the font Softie for the previous MyFonts redesign in 2004. softie