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Population: 4,989,285 (July 2001 est.)

Languages: Georgian 71% (official), Russian 9%, Armenian 7%, Azeri 6%, other 7%

Background: Georgia was absorbed into the Russian Empire in the 19th century. Independent for three years (1918-1921) following the Russian revolution, it was forcibly incorporated into the USSR until the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. Russian troops remain...

Currency: lari (GEL, No information)

Data from CIA World Factbook. Click on CIA link for more. Click on map or flag for larger images.


Georgian Font Foundries

 · Aleksandr Sukiasov
 · Mijra

Georgian Typographic People

 · Anton Teofilovich Dumbadze
 · Akaki Razmadze
 · Aleksandr Sukiasov

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