Population: 144,616,639 (July 2001 est.)

Languages: Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, Siraiki (a Punjabi variant) 10%, Pashtu 8%, Urdu (official) 8%, Balochi 3%, Hindko 2%, Brahui 1%, English (official and lingua franca of Pakistani elite and most government ministries), Burushaski, and other 8%

Background: The separation in 1947 of British India into the Muslim state of Pakistan (with two sections West and East) and largely Hindu India was never satisfactorily resolved. A third war between these countries in 1971 resulted in East Pakistan seceding and...

Currency: Pakistani Rupee (PKR, PKR (115.61 = US$1))

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Pakistani Font Foundries


Pakistani Typographic People

 · Ibrahim Jamali

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