Population: 1,930,132 (July 2001 est.)

Languages: Slovenian 91%, Serbo-Croatian 6%, other 3%

Background: In 1918 the Slovenes joined the Serbs and Croats in forming a new nation, renamed Yugoslavia in 1929. After World War II, Slovenia became a republic of the renewed Yugoslavia, which though communist, distanced itself from Moscow's rule. Dissatisfied...

Currency: tolar (SIT, No information)

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Slovenian Font Foundries

 · Anže Veršnik
 · Archive Type
 · Gigofonts
 · Jure Kožuh
 · Emil Kozole
 · Lettermin Type Foundry
 · Marin Santic
 · Mina Arko
 · ToBeThea
 · Type Fleet
 · Vladimir & vladimir

Slovenian Typographic People

 · Mina Arko
 · Tea Bažon
 · Emil Kozole
 · Jure Kožuh
 · Matevz Medja
 · Mitja Miklavcic
 · Gaja Mežnarič Osole
 · Marin Santic
 · Jure Stojan

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