South Africa

Population: 43,586,097

Languages: 11 official languages, including Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu

Background: After the British seized the Cape of Good Hope area in 1806, many of the Dutch settlers (the Boers) trekked north to found their own republics. The discovery of diamonds (1867) and gold (1886) spurred wealth and immigration and intensified the...

Currency: South African Rand (ZAR, ZAR (12.03 = US$1))

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South African Font Foundries

 · Andrew Footit
 · Arkitype
 · Ben Grib
 · CyberGraphics
 · E-Fect Promotion
 · Mildah's
 · Nicky Laatz
 · Pieter Nel
 · Reghardt
 · Scholtz Fonts

South African Typographic People

 · Stuart Brown
 · Jan Erasmus
 · Andrew Footit
 · Reghardt Grobbelaar
 · Nicky Laatz
 · Anton Scholtz
 · Merle Scholtz

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