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Latin Capital Letter A (A) Latin Capital Letter B (B) Latin Capital Letter C (C) Latin Capital Letter D (D) Latin Capital Letter E (E) Latin Capital Letter F (F) Latin Capital Letter G (G) Latin Capital Letter H (H) Latin Capital Letter I (I) Latin Capital Letter J (J) Latin Capital Letter K (K) Latin Capital Letter L (L) Latin Capital Letter M (M) Latin Capital Letter N (N) Numero Sign (№) Latin Capital Letter O (O) Latin Capital Letter P (P) Latin Capital Letter Q (Q) Latin Capital Letter R (R) Latin Capital Letter S (S) Latin Capital Letter T (T) Trade Mark Sign (™) Latin Capital Letter U (U) Latin Capital Letter V (V) Latin Capital Letter W (W) Latin Capital Letter X (X) Latin Capital Letter Y (Y) Latin Capital Letter Z (Z) Latin Small Letter A (a) Feminine Ordinal Indicator (ª) Latin Small Letter B (b) Latin Small Letter C (c) Care Of (℅) Latin Small Letter D (d) Latin Small Letter E (e) Latin Small Letter F (f) Latin Small Letter G (g) Latin Small Letter H (h) Latin Small Letter I (i) Latin Small Letter J (j) Latin Small Letter K (k) Latin Small Letter L (l) Script Small L (ℓ) Latin Small Letter M (m) Latin Small Letter N (n) Latin Small Letter O (o) Masculine Ordinal Indicator (º) Latin Small Letter P (p) Latin Small Letter Q (q) Latin Small Letter R (r) Latin Small Letter S (s) Latin Small Letter Long S (ſ) Latin Small Letter T (t) Latin Small Letter U (u) Latin Small Letter V (v) Latin Small Letter W (w) Latin Small Letter X (x) Latin Small Letter Y (y) Latin Small Letter Z (z) Latin Small Letter Thorn (þ) Latin Capital Ligature Oe (Œ) Latin Small Ligature Oe (œ) Latin Small Letter F with Hook (ƒ) Latin Small Letter Schwa (ə) Greek Capital Letter Pi (Π) Greek Small Letter Pi (π) Ohm Sign (Ω) Number Sign (#) Dollar Sign ($) Percent Sign (%) Ampersand (&) Left Parenthesis (() Right Parenthesis ()) Asterisk (*) Plus Sign (+) Solidus (/) Digit Zero (0) Digit One (1) Vulgar Fraction One Quarter (¼) Vulgar Fraction One Half (½) Vulgar Fraction One Third (⅓) Vulgar Fraction One Eighth (⅛) Digit Two (2) Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds (⅔) Digit Three (3) Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters (¾) Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths (⅜) Digit Four (4) Digit Five (5) Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths (⅝) Digit Six (6) Digit Seven (7) Vulgar Fraction Seven Eighths (⅞) Digit Eight (8) Digit Nine (9) Less-Than Sign (<) Equals Sign (=) Not Equal To (≠) Greater-Than Sign (>) Commercial At (@) Left Square Bracket ([) Reverse Solidus (\) Right Square Bracket (]) Low Line (_) Left Curly Bracket ({) Vertical Line (|) Right Curly Bracket (}) Tilde (~) Inverted Exclamation Mark (¡) Cent Sign (¢) Pound Sign (£) Currency Sign (¤) Yen Sign (¥) Broken Bar (¦) Section Sign (§) Copyright Sign (©) Not Sign (¬) Registered Sign (®) Degree Sign (°) Plus-Minus Sign (±) Micro Sign (µ) Pilcrow Sign (¶) Inverted Question Mark (¿) Multiplication Sign (×) Division Sign (÷) Double Low Line (‗) Dagger (†) Double Dagger (‡) Bullet (•) Full Stop (.) Horizontal Ellipsis (…) Per Mille Sign (‰) Fraction Slash (⁄) Euro Sign (€) Sound Recording Copyright (℗) Estimated Symbol (℮) Leftwards Arrow (←) Upwards Arrow (↑) Rightwards Arrow (→) Downwards Arrow (↓) Left Right Arrow (↔) Up Down Arrow with Base (↨) Partial Differential (∂) N-Ary Product (∏) N-Ary Summation (∑) Square Root (√) Infinity (∞) Integral (∫) Almost Equal To (≈) Identical To (≡) Less-Than Or Equal To (≤) Greater-Than Or Equal To (≥) Negative Circled Digit Zero (⓿) Black Rectangle (▬) Black Right-Pointing Pointer (►) Black Left-Pointing Pointer (◄) Inverse Bullet (◘) Inverse White Circle (◙) White Sun with Rays (☼) Black Heart Suit (♥) Black Diamond Suit (♦) Eighth Note (♪) Beamed Eighth Notes (♫) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit One (❶) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Two (❷) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Three (❸) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Four (❹) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Five (❺) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Six (❻) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Seven (❼) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Eight (❽) Dingbat Negative Circled Digit Nine (❾) Hyphen-Minus (-) En Dash (–) Em Dash (—) Minus Sign (−) Space ( ) No-Break Space ( ) Exclamation Mark (!) Double Exclamation Mark (‼) Comma (,) Colon (:) Semicolon (;) Question Mark (?) Quotation Mark (") Apostrophe (') Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark («) Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark (») Left Single Quotation Mark (‘) Right Single Quotation Mark (’) Single Low-9 Quotation Mark (‚) Left Double Quotation Mark (“) Right Double Quotation Mark (”) Double Low-9 Quotation Mark („) Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (‹) Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (›) Circumflex Accent (^) Prime (′) Double Prime (″) Up Down Arrow (↕) Black Square (■) Black Up-Pointing Triangle (▲) Black Down-Pointing Triangle (▼) Lozenge (◊) Female Sign (♀) Male Sign (♂) Black Spade Suit (♠) Black Club Suit (♣) Middle Dot (·)
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This is a listing of all 211 glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications.

Each basic character (“A”) is followed by Unicode variants of the same character (Á, Ä…), then OpenType variants (small caps, alternates, ligatures…). This way you can see all the variations on a single character in one place.

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