Universal Greek with Math Pi

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Latin Small Letter Lambda with Stroke (ƛ) Greek Capital Letter Alpha (Α) Greek Capital Letter Beta (Β) Greek Capital Letter Gamma (Γ) Greek Capital Letter Delta (Δ) Greek Capital Letter Epsilon (Ε) Greek Capital Letter Zeta (Ζ) Greek Capital Letter Eta (Η) Greek Capital Letter Theta (Θ) Greek Capital Theta Symbol (ϴ) Greek Capital Letter Iota (Ι) Greek Capital Letter Kappa (Κ) Greek Capital Letter Lamda (Λ) Greek Capital Letter Mu (Μ) Greek Capital Letter Nu (Ν) Greek Capital Letter Xi (Ξ) Greek Capital Letter Omicron (Ο) Greek Capital Letter Pi (Π) Greek Capital Letter Rho (Ρ) Greek Capital Letter Sigma (Σ) Greek Capital Letter Tau (Τ) Greek Capital Letter Upsilon (Υ) Greek Capital Letter Phi (Φ) Greek Capital Letter Chi (Χ) Greek Capital Letter Psi (Ψ) Greek Capital Letter Omega (Ω) Greek Small Letter Alpha (α) Greek Small Letter Beta (β) Greek Beta Symbol (ϐ) Greek Small Letter Gamma (γ) Greek Small Letter Delta (δ) Greek Small Letter Epsilon (ε) Greek Lunate Epsilon Symbol (ϵ) Greek Small Letter Zeta (ζ) Greek Small Letter Eta (η) Greek Small Letter Theta (θ) Greek Theta Symbol (ϑ) Greek Small Letter Iota (ι) Greek Small Letter Kappa (κ) Greek Kappa Symbol (ϰ) Greek Small Letter Lamda (λ) Greek Small Letter Mu (μ) Micro Sign (µ) Greek Small Letter Nu (ν) Greek Small Letter Xi (ξ) Greek Small Letter Omicron (ο) Greek Small Letter Pi (π) Greek Pi Symbol (ϖ) Greek Small Letter Rho (ρ) Greek Small Letter Final Sigma (ς) Greek Small Letter Sigma (σ) Greek Small Letter Tau (τ) Greek Small Letter Upsilon (υ) Greek Small Letter Phi (φ) Greek Phi Symbol (ϕ) Greek Small Letter Chi (χ) Greek Small Letter Psi (ψ) Greek Small Letter Omega (ω) Ohm Sign (Ω) Left Parenthesis (() Right Parenthesis ()) Plus Sign (+) Less-Than Sign (<) Not Less-Than (≮) Not Less-Than (≮), Stylistic Alternates Equals Sign (=) Not Equal To (≠) Not Equal To (≠), Stylistic Alternates Greater-Than Sign (>) Not Greater-Than (≯) Not Greater-Than (≯), Stylistic Alternates Left Square Bracket ([) Right Square Bracket (]) Left Curly Bracket ({) Right Curly Bracket (}) Plus-Minus Sign (±) Multiplication Sign (×) Division Sign (÷) Bullet (•) Overline (‾) Fraction Slash (⁄) Partial Differential (∂) Nabla (∇) N-Ary Product (∏) N-Ary Summation (∑) Minus-Or-Plus Sign (∓) Division Slash (∕) Ring Operator (∘) Square Root (√) Proportional To (∝) Infinity (∞) Divides (∣) Divides (∣), Stylistic Alternates Integral (∫) Tilde Operator (∼) Not Tilde (≁) Not Tilde (≁), Stylistic Alternates Almost Equal To (≈) Identical To (≡) Not Identical To (≢) Not Identical To (≢), Stylistic Alternates Neither Less-Than Nor Equal To (≰) Neither Less-Than Nor Equal To (≰), Stylistic Alternates Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal To (≱) Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal To (≱), Stylistic Alternates Less-Than Or Greater-Than (≶) Greater-Than Or Less-Than (≷) Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To (⩽) Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To (⩽), Stylistic Alternates Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To (⩾) Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To (⩾), Stylistic Alternates Minus Sign (−) Space ( ) No-Break Space ( ) Prime (′) Double Prime (″) Triple Prime (‴) Planck Constant Over Two Pi (ℏ) Mathematical Left Angle Bracket (⟨) Mathematical Right Angle Bracket (⟩) <Private Use U+E001> <Private Use U+E002> <Private Use U+E003> <Private Use U+E004>
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This is a listing of all 124 glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications.

Each basic character (“A”) is followed by Unicode variants of the same character (Á, Ä…), then OpenType variants (small caps, alternates, ligatures…). This way you can see all the variations on a single character in one place.

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