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by Eyad Al-Samman

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About this font family

“Loyolliams” is my first designed Latin typeface which has special meanings and unforgettable memories for me. The font’s name, Loyolliams, consists of two mixed syllables stand for two different names. The first syllable is derived from the name “Loyola” and the second syllable is derived from the last five letters of the name “Williams.” These two names are related to “Concordia University”—located in Montreal in Canada—where I studied at a short academic term and spent in a very special period of my life in the late 2005. This renowned Canadian academic institution was created following the 1974 merger of “Loyola College” (1896) and “Sir George Williams University” (1926). This conglomeration formed “Concordia University” and the name Concordia itself was taken from the motto of the city of Montreal, Concordia salus (meaning ‘well-being through harmony’). More…

This font comes in two different weights; light and regular. “Loyolliams” is a square, geometric, techno, and modern font. It is suitable for T-shirts, books' covers, websites’ addresses, advertisement light boards, and titles in technical, artistic, and other types of magazines and signboards. “Loyolliams” can be used also in posters, surfaces of electrical and electronic tools, digital devices and chips, geometrical machines, trucks, tractors, calculators, mobile phones, watches, laptops, personal computers, power equipments, digital cameras, technical magazines, and other digital and electronic tools. This fonts can be effectively used in titles especially when its uppercase and lowercase letters are mixed together and when it is used in its italic mode. “Loyolliams” is suitable for writing and printing small textual paragraphs in cards, magazines advertisements, and also posters.

The main characteristic of “Loyolliams” Typeface is its non-curve style in most of its alphanumeric letters. The characters are deliberately designed to have only angular and square shapes.

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