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Reina Fleurons

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Latin Capital Letter A (A) Latin Capital Letter B (B) Latin Capital Letter C (C) Latin Capital Letter D (D) Latin Capital Letter E (E) Latin Capital Letter F (F) Latin Capital Letter G (G) Latin Capital Letter H (H) Latin Capital Letter I (I) Latin Capital Letter J (J) Latin Capital Letter K (K) Latin Capital Letter L (L) Latin Capital Letter M (M) Latin Capital Letter N (N) Latin Capital Letter O (O) Latin Capital Letter P (P) Latin Capital Letter Q (Q) Latin Capital Letter R (R) Latin Capital Letter S (S) Latin Capital Letter T (T) Latin Capital Letter U (U) Latin Capital Letter V (V) Latin Capital Letter W (W) Latin Capital Letter X (X) Latin Capital Letter Y (Y) Latin Capital Letter Z (Z) Latin Small Letter A (a) Latin Small Letter A with Acute (á) Latin Small Letter B (b) Latin Small Letter C (c) Latin Small Letter D (d) Latin Small Letter E (e) Latin Small Letter E with Acute (é) Latin Small Letter F (f) Latin Small Letter G (g) Latin Small Letter G (g), Stylistic Alternates Latin Small Letter G (g), Swash Latin Small Letter H (h) Latin Small Letter I (i) Latin Small Letter I with Acute (í) Latin Small Letter J (j) Latin Small Letter K (k) Latin Small Letter L (l) Latin Small Letter M (m) Latin Small Letter N (n) Latin Small Letter O (o) Latin Small Letter O with Acute (ó) Latin Small Letter P (p) Latin Small Letter Q (q) Latin Small Letter R (r) Latin Small Letter S (s) Latin Small Letter T (t) Latin Small Letter U (u) Latin Small Letter U with Acute (ú) Latin Small Letter V (v) Latin Small Letter W (w) Latin Small Letter X (x) Latin Small Letter Y (y) Latin Small Letter Z (z) Dollar Sign ($) Ampersand (&) Left Parenthesis (() Right Parenthesis ()) Solidus (/) Solidus (/), Stylistic Alternates Solidus (/), Stylistic Set 1 Solidus (/), Stylistic Set 2 Solidus (/), Swash Solidus (/), Historical Forms Solidus (/), Titling Digit Zero (0) Digit One (1) Digit Two (2) Digit Three (3) Digit Four (4) Digit Five (5) Digit Six (6) Digit Seven (7) Digit Eight (8) Digit Nine (9) Less-Than Sign (<) Greater-Than Sign (>) Commercial At (@) Left Square Bracket ([) Reverse Solidus (\) Reverse Solidus (\), Stylistic Alternates Reverse Solidus (\), Stylistic Set 1 Reverse Solidus (\), Stylistic Set 2 Reverse Solidus (\), Swash Reverse Solidus (\), Historical Forms Reverse Solidus (\), Titling Right Square Bracket (]) Left Curly Bracket ({) Right Curly Bracket (}) Inverted Exclamation Mark (¡) Inverted Question Mark (¿) Euro Sign (€) Hyphen-Minus (-) Hyphen-Minus (-), Stylistic Alternates Hyphen-Minus (-), Swash Hyphen-Minus (-), Historical Forms Hyphen-Minus (-), Titling En Dash (–) Em Dash (—) Space ( ) Exclamation Mark (!) Colon (:) Colon (:), Stylistic Alternates Colon (:), Stylistic Set 1 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 2 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 3 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 4 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 5 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 6 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 7 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 8 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 9 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 10 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 11 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 12 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 13 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 14 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 15 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 16 Colon (:), Stylistic Set 17 Colon (:), Swash Colon (:), Historical Forms Colon (:), Titling Question Mark (?) Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark («) Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark (») Left Single Quotation Mark (‘) Left Double Quotation Mark (“) Right Double Quotation Mark (”) Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (‹) Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (›) Grave Accent (`) Acute Accent (´)
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This is a listing of all 138 glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications.

Each basic character (“A”) is followed by Unicode variants of the same character (Á, Ä…), then OpenType variants (small caps, alternates, ligatures…). This way you can see all the variations on a single character in one place.

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