Tiftuf MF Medium

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Latin Capital Letter A (A) Latin Capital Letter B (B) Latin Capital Letter C (C) Latin Capital Letter D (D) Latin Capital Letter E (E) Latin Capital Letter F (F) Latin Capital Letter G (G) Latin Capital Letter H (H) Latin Capital Letter I (I) Latin Capital Letter J (J) Latin Capital Letter K (K) Latin Capital Letter L (L) Latin Capital Letter M (M) Latin Capital Letter N (N) Latin Capital Letter O (O) Latin Capital Letter P (P) Latin Capital Letter Q (Q) Latin Capital Letter R (R) Latin Capital Letter S (S) Latin Capital Letter T (T) Trade Mark Sign (™) Latin Capital Letter U (U) Latin Capital Letter V (V) Latin Capital Letter W (W) Latin Capital Letter X (X) Latin Capital Letter Y (Y) Latin Capital Letter Z (Z) Latin Small Letter A (a) Feminine Ordinal Indicator (ª) Latin Small Letter B (b) Latin Small Letter C (c) Latin Small Letter D (d) Latin Small Letter E (e) Latin Small Letter E with Diaeresis (ë) Latin Small Letter F (f) Latin Small Letter G (g) Latin Small Letter H (h) Latin Small Letter I (i) Latin Small Letter I with Grave (ì) Latin Small Letter I with Acute (í) Latin Small Letter I with Circumflex (î) Latin Small Letter I with Diaeresis (ï) Latin Small Letter J (j) Latin Small Letter K (k) Latin Small Letter L (l) Latin Small Letter M (m) Latin Small Letter N (n) Latin Small Letter N with Tilde (ñ) Latin Small Letter O (o) Masculine Ordinal Indicator (º) Latin Small Letter O with Grave (ò) Latin Small Letter O with Acute (ó) Latin Small Letter P (p) Latin Small Letter Q (q) Latin Small Letter R (r) Latin Small Letter S (s) Latin Small Letter T (t) Latin Small Letter U (u) Latin Small Letter V (v) Latin Small Letter W (w) Latin Small Letter X (x) Latin Small Letter Y (y) Latin Small Letter Z (z) Latin Small Letter F with Hook (ƒ) Hebrew Point Sheva (ְ) Hebrew Point Hataf Segol (ֱ) Hebrew Point Hataf Patah (ֲ) Hebrew Point Hataf Qamats (ֳ) Hebrew Point Hiriq (ִ) Hebrew Point Tsere (ֵ) Hebrew Point Segol (ֶ) Hebrew Point Patah (ַ) Hebrew Point Qamats (ָ) Hebrew Point Holam (ֹ) Hebrew Point Qubuts (ֻ) Hebrew Point Dagesh Or Mapiq (ּ) Hebrew Point Meteg (ֽ) Hebrew Punctuation Maqaf (־) Hebrew Point Rafe (ֿ) Hebrew Punctuation Paseq (׀) Hebrew Point Shin Dot (ׁ) Hebrew Point Sin Dot (ׂ) Hebrew Punctuation Sof Pasuq (׃) Hebrew Letter Alef (א) Hebrew Letter Bet (ב) Hebrew Letter Bet with Dagesh (בּ) Hebrew Letter Gimel (ג) Hebrew Letter Gimel with Dagesh (גּ) Hebrew Letter Dalet (ד) Hebrew Letter Dalet with Dagesh (דּ) Hebrew Letter He (ה) Hebrew Letter He with Mapiq (הּ) Hebrew Letter Vav (ו) Hebrew Letter Vav with Dagesh (וּ) Hebrew Letter Vav with Holam (וֹ) Hebrew Letter Zayin (ז) Hebrew Letter Zayin with Dagesh (זּ) Hebrew Letter Het (ח) Hebrew Letter Tet (ט) Hebrew Letter Tet with Dagesh (טּ) Hebrew Letter Yod (י) Hebrew Letter Yod with Dagesh (יּ) Hebrew Letter Final Kaf (ך) Hebrew Letter Final Kaf with Dagesh (ךּ) Hebrew Letter Kaf (כ) Hebrew Letter Kaf with Dagesh (כּ) Hebrew Letter Lamed (ל) Hebrew Letter Lamed with Dagesh (לּ) Hebrew Letter Final Mem (ם) Hebrew Letter Mem (מ) Hebrew Letter Mem with Dagesh (מּ) Hebrew Letter Final Nun (ן) Hebrew Letter Nun (נ) Hebrew Letter Nun with Dagesh (נּ) Hebrew Letter Samekh (ס) Hebrew Letter Samekh with Dagesh (סּ) Hebrew Letter Ayin (ע) Hebrew Letter Final Pe (ף) Hebrew Letter Pe (פ) Hebrew Letter Pe with Dagesh (פּ) Hebrew Letter Final Tsadi (ץ) Hebrew Letter Tsadi (צ) Hebrew Letter Tsadi with Dagesh (צּ) Hebrew Letter Qof (ק) Hebrew Letter Qof with Dagesh (קּ) Hebrew Letter Resh (ר) Hebrew Letter Shin (ש) Hebrew Letter Shin with Shin Dot (שׁ) Hebrew Letter Shin with Sin Dot (שׂ) Hebrew Letter Shin with Dagesh (שּ) Hebrew Letter Tav (ת) Hebrew Letter Tav with Dagesh (תּ) Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Vav (װ) Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Vav Yod (ױ) Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Yod (ײ) Hebrew Punctuation Geresh (׳) Hebrew Punctuation Gershayim (״) Hebrew Letter Shin with Dagesh and Shin Dot (שּׁ) Hebrew Letter Shin with Dagesh and Sin Dot (שּׂ) Number Sign (#) Dollar Sign ($) Percent Sign (%) Left Parenthesis (() Right Parenthesis ()) Asterisk (*) Plus Sign (+) Solidus (/) Digit Zero (0) Digit One (1) Superscript One (¹) Vulgar Fraction One Quarter (¼) Vulgar Fraction One Half (½) Vulgar Fraction One Third (⅓) Digit Two (2) Superscript Two (²) Digit Three (3) Superscript Three (³) Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters (¾) Digit Four (4) Digit Five (5) Digit Six (6) Digit Seven (7) Digit Eight (8) Digit Nine (9) Less-Than Sign (<) Equals Sign (=) Greater-Than Sign (>) Commercial At (@) Left Square Bracket ([) Reverse Solidus (\) Right Square Bracket (]) Low Line (_) Left Curly Bracket ({) Vertical Line (|) Right Curly Bracket (}) Inverted Exclamation Mark (¡) Cent Sign (¢) Pound Sign (£) Yen Sign (¥) Broken Bar (¦) Section Sign (§) Copyright Sign (©) Not Sign (¬) Soft Hyphen (­) Registered Sign (®) Degree Sign (°) Plus-Minus Sign (±) Micro Sign (µ) Pilcrow Sign (¶) Inverted Question Mark (¿) Multiplication Sign (×) Division Sign (÷) Left-To-Right Mark (‎) Right-To-Left Mark (‏) Dagger (†) Double Dagger (‡) Bullet (•) Full Stop (.) Horizontal Ellipsis (…) Per Mille Sign (‰) New Sheqel Sign (₪) Euro Sign (€) En Dash (–) Em Dash (—) Space ( ) No-Break Space ( ) Exclamation Mark (!) Comma (,) Colon (:) Semicolon (;) Question Mark (?) Quotation Mark (") Apostrophe (') Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark («) Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark (») Left Single Quotation Mark (‘) Right Single Quotation Mark (’) Single Low-9 Quotation Mark (‚) Left Double Quotation Mark (“) Right Double Quotation Mark (”) Double Low-9 Quotation Mark („) Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (‹) Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (›) Circumflex Accent (^) Grave Accent (`) Diaeresis (¨) Macron (¯) Acute Accent (´) Middle Dot (·) Cedilla (¸) Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar (˧)
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This is a listing of all 302 glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications.

Each basic character (“A”) is followed by Unicode variants of the same character (Á, Ä…), then OpenType variants (small caps, alternates, ligatures…). This way you can see all the variations on a single character in one place.

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