Futura Futuris ExtraCond Bold

from Futura Futuris by ParaType

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Latin Capital Letter A (A) Latin Capital Letter A with Diaeresis (Ä) Latin Capital Letter B (B) Latin Capital Letter C (C) Latin Capital Letter C with Cedilla (Ç) Latin Capital Letter D (D) Latin Capital Letter E (E) Latin Capital Letter E with Diaeresis (Ë) Latin Capital Letter F (F) Latin Capital Letter G (G) Latin Capital Letter H (H) Latin Capital Letter I (I) Latin Capital Letter I with Diaeresis (Ï) Latin Capital Letter I with Dot Above (İ) Latin Capital Letter J (J) Latin Capital Letter K (K) Latin Capital Letter L (L) Latin Capital Letter M (M) Latin Capital Letter N (N) Numero Sign (№) Latin Capital Letter O (O) Latin Capital Letter O with Diaeresis (Ö) Latin Capital Letter P (P) Latin Capital Letter Q (Q) Latin Capital Letter R (R) Latin Capital Letter S (S) Latin Capital Letter T (T) Trade Mark Sign (™) Latin Capital Letter U (U) Latin Capital Letter U with Diaeresis (Ü) Latin Capital Letter V (V) Latin Capital Letter W (W) Latin Capital Letter X (X) Latin Capital Letter Y (Y) Latin Capital Letter Z (Z) Latin Small Letter A (a) Latin Small Letter A with Diaeresis (ä) Latin Small Letter B (b) Latin Small Letter C (c) Latin Small Letter C with Cedilla (ç) Latin Small Letter D (d) Latin Small Letter E (e) Latin Small Letter E with Diaeresis (ë) Latin Small Letter F (f) Latin Small Letter G (g) Latin Small Letter H (h) Latin Small Letter I (i) Latin Small Letter I with Diaeresis (ï) Latin Small Letter J (j) Latin Small Letter K (k) Latin Small Letter L (l) Latin Small Letter M (m) Latin Small Letter N (n) Latin Small Letter O (o) Latin Small Letter O with Diaeresis (ö) Latin Small Letter P (p) Latin Small Letter Q (q) Latin Small Letter R (r) Latin Small Letter S (s) Latin Small Letter T (t) Latin Small Letter U (u) Latin Small Letter U with Diaeresis (ü) Latin Small Letter V (v) Latin Small Letter W (w) Latin Small Letter X (x) Latin Small Letter Y (y) Latin Small Letter Z (z) Latin Capital Letter Ae (Æ) Latin Capital Letter O with Stroke (Ø) Latin Small Letter Sharp S (ß) Latin Small Letter Ae (æ) Latin Small Letter O with Stroke (ø) Latin Small Letter Dotless I (ı) Latin Capital Ligature Oe (Œ) Latin Small Ligature Oe (œ) Greek Small Letter Mu (µ μ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ie (Е) Cyrillic Capital Letter Io (Ё) Cyrillic Capital Letter Dje (Ђ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ghe (Г) Cyrillic Capital Letter Gje (Ѓ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ukrainian Ie (Є) Cyrillic Capital Letter Dze (Ѕ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian I (І) Cyrillic Capital Letter Yi (Ї) Cyrillic Capital Letter Je (Ј) Cyrillic Capital Letter Lje (Љ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Nje (Њ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Tshe (Ћ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ka (К) Cyrillic Capital Letter Kje (Ќ) Cyrillic Capital Letter U (У) Cyrillic Capital Letter Short U (Ў) Cyrillic Capital Letter Dzhe (Џ) Cyrillic Capital Letter A (А) Cyrillic Capital Letter A with Diaeresis (Ӓ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Be (Б) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ve (В) Cyrillic Capital Letter De (Д) Cyrillic Capital Letter Zhe (Ж) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ze (З) Cyrillic Capital Letter I (И) Cyrillic Capital Letter Short I (Й) Cyrillic Capital Letter El (Л) Cyrillic Capital Letter Em (М) Cyrillic Capital Letter En (Н) Cyrillic Capital Letter O (О) Cyrillic Capital Letter O with Diaeresis (Ӧ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Pe (П) Cyrillic Capital Letter Er (Р) Cyrillic Capital Letter Es (С) Cyrillic Capital Letter Te (Т) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ef (Ф) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ha (Х) Cyrillic Capital Letter Tse (Ц) Cyrillic Capital Letter Che (Ч) Cyrillic Capital Letter Sha (Ш) Cyrillic Capital Letter Shcha (Щ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Hard Sign (Ъ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Yeru (Ы) Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft Sign (Ь) Cyrillic Capital Letter E (Э) Cyrillic Capital Letter Yu (Ю) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ya (Я) Cyrillic Small Letter A (а) Cyrillic Small Letter A with Diaeresis (ӓ) Cyrillic Small Letter Be (б) Cyrillic Small Letter Ve (в) Cyrillic Small Letter Ghe (г) Cyrillic Small Letter Gje (ѓ) Cyrillic Small Letter De (д) Cyrillic Small Letter Ie (е) Cyrillic Small Letter Io (ё) Cyrillic Small Letter Zhe (ж) Cyrillic Small Letter Ze (з) Cyrillic Small Letter I (и) Cyrillic Small Letter Short I (й) Cyrillic Small Letter Ka (к) Cyrillic Small Letter Kje (ќ) Cyrillic Small Letter El (л) Cyrillic Small Letter Em (м) Cyrillic Small Letter En (н) Cyrillic Small Letter O (о) Cyrillic Small Letter O with Diaeresis (ӧ) Cyrillic Small Letter Pe (п) Cyrillic Small Letter Er (р) Cyrillic Small Letter Es (с) Cyrillic Small Letter Te (т) Cyrillic Small Letter U (у) Cyrillic Small Letter Short U (ў) Cyrillic Small Letter Ef (ф) Cyrillic Small Letter Ha (х) Cyrillic Small Letter Tse (ц) Cyrillic Small Letter Che (ч) Cyrillic Small Letter Sha (ш) Cyrillic Small Letter Shcha (щ) Cyrillic Small Letter Hard Sign (ъ) Cyrillic Small Letter Yeru (ы) Cyrillic Small Letter Soft Sign (ь) Cyrillic Small Letter E (э) Cyrillic Small Letter Yu (ю) Cyrillic Small Letter Ya (я) Cyrillic Small Letter Dje (ђ) Cyrillic Small Letter Ukrainian Ie (є) Cyrillic Small Letter Dze (ѕ) Cyrillic Small Letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian I (і) Cyrillic Small Letter Yi (ї) Cyrillic Small Letter Je (ј) Cyrillic Small Letter Lje (љ) Cyrillic Small Letter Nje (њ) Cyrillic Small Letter Tshe (ћ) Cyrillic Small Letter Dzhe (џ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Ghe with Upturn (Ґ) Cyrillic Small Letter Ghe with Upturn (ґ) Cyrillic Capital Letter Straight U (Ү) Cyrillic Small Letter Straight U (ү) Cyrillic Small Letter Shha (һ) Cyrillic Capital Ligature A Ie (Ӕ) Cyrillic Small Ligature A Ie (ӕ) Number Sign (#) Dollar Sign ($) Percent Sign (%) Ampersand (&) Left Parenthesis (() Right Parenthesis ()) Asterisk (*) Plus Sign (+) Solidus (/) Digit Zero (0) Digit One (1) Digit Two (2) Digit Three (3) Digit Four (4) Digit Five (5) Digit Six (6) Digit Seven (7) Digit Eight (8) Digit Nine (9) Less-Than Sign (<) Equals Sign (=) Not Equal To (≠) Greater-Than Sign (>) Commercial At (@) Left Square Bracket ([) Reverse Solidus (\) Right Square Bracket (]) Low Line (_) Left Curly Bracket ({) Vertical Line (|) Right Curly Bracket (}) Tilde (~) Inverted Exclamation Mark (¡) Cent Sign (¢) Pound Sign (£) Currency Sign (¤) Section Sign (§) Copyright Sign (©) Not Sign (¬) Registered Sign (®) Degree Sign (°) Plus-Minus Sign (±) Pilcrow Sign (¶) Inverted Question Mark (¿) Multiplication Sign (×) Division Sign (÷) Dagger (†) Bullet (•) Full Stop (.) Horizontal Ellipsis (…) Per Mille Sign (‰) Euro Sign (€) Increment (Δ ∆) Division Slash (∕) Square Root (√) Infinity (∞) Almost Equal To (≈) Less-Than Or Equal To (≤) Greater-Than Or Equal To (≥) Dot Operator (· ∙ ⋅) White Bullet (◦) Hyphen (- ­ ‐) En Dash (–) Em Dash (—) Minus Sign (−) No-Break Space (   ) Exclamation Mark (!) Comma (,) Colon (:) Question Mark (?) Greek Question Mark (; ;) Greek Ano Teleia (·) Quotation Mark (") Apostrophe (') Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark («) Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark (») Left Single Quotation Mark (‘) Right Single Quotation Mark (’) Single Low-9 Quotation Mark (‚) Left Double Quotation Mark (“) Right Double Quotation Mark (”) Double Low-9 Quotation Mark („) Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (‹) Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark (›) Circumflex Accent (^) Grave Accent (`) Diaeresis (¨) Acute Accent (´) Cedilla (¸) Modifier Letter Apostrophe (ʼ) Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent (ˆ) Caron (ˇ) Modifier Letter Macron (¯ ˉ) Breve (˘) Dot Above (˙) Ring Above (˚) Small Tilde (˜) Double Acute Accent (˝) Combining Comma Above (̓) Combining Comma Above Right (̕) Combining Comma Below (̦) Ligature afii10026.var.accented (И` И´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10047.var.accented (Э` Э´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10070.var.accented (е` е´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10037.var.accented (У` У´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10097.var.accented (я` я´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10049.var.accented (Я` Я´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10017.var.accented (А` А´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10096.var.accented (ю` ю´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10095.var.accented (э` э´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10022.var.accented (Е` Е´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10093.var.accented (ы` ы´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10032.var.accented (О` О´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10085.var.accented (у` у´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10045.var.accented (Ы` Ы´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10080.var.accented (о` о´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10048.var.accented (Ю` Ю´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10074.var.accented (и` и´), Discretionary Ligatures Ligature afii10065.var.accented (а` а´), Discretionary Ligatures <Private Use U+F406> <Private Use U+F407> <Private Use U+F408> <Private Use U+F409> <Private Use U+F40A> <Private Use U+F40B> <Private Use U+F40C> <Private Use U+F40D> <Private Use U+F4C8> <Private Use U+F4C9> <Private Use U+F6C3> <Private Use U+F6C9> <Private Use U+F6CA> <Private Use U+F6CB> <Private Use U+F6CE> <Private Use U+F6CF> <Private Use U+F6D0>
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This is a listing of all 319 glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications.

Each basic character (“A”) is followed by Unicode variants of the same character (Á, Ä…), then OpenType variants (small caps, alternates, ligatures…). This way you can see all the variations on a single character in one place.

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