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Chris Costello

The Foundry representing American professional freelance illustrator, graphic designer and website designer Chris Costello.

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4 font families from Chris Costello

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Letterpress Text

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Letterpress Text Letterpress Text

This font, based on the popular and timeless Caslon design, was carefully digitized from the pages of an antique book which was printed in England during the late 18th century.


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Virus Virus


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Mirage Mirage

I designed this font with ink and a watercolor brush while thinking about the Sahara Desert and ancient civilizations. Then, it was filed and forgotten for almost 15 years. As I was sifting through some of my old art files recently, I found under the debris, a “stat” of the entire character set, complete with punctuations. In almost mint condition, this was a truly a magnificent archeological discovery. Then I thought, hey, maybe it’s day has come, why not share it with the world? So, here you are, world, a completely digitized version for the new millennium.


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Blackstone Blackstone

Dragons, magic, the Middle Ages, and all that is gothic was the inspiration for this design. It was one of ten winners in The 1988 Chartpak Typeface Design Competition and is now available in two styles with additional characters, alternates and dingbats. Blackstone was originally designed with only upper case letters so try using different combinations of all caps.

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