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Florian Klauer


Foundry details

  • Location:
    Florian Klauer
    Paulinenstrasse 11
    Lage, 32791
    phone: 0049 160 96222345
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3 font families from Florian Klauer

Sample text:

Florin Sans

  |  available for Desktop and Web


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Florin Sans Florin Sans

Klartext Mono

  |  available for Desktop and Web


10 fonts from $30.00 - some free
Klartext Mono Klartext Mono

Klartext [plain talking, clear words] A modern monospaced type family of 10 weights. Klartext Mono combines a classical monospaced font and modern monolined sans-serif with a humanistic touch. It is characterized by a large x-height, slightly condensed glyphs with well shaped curves and soft strokes.As a special feature, Klartext contains a bunch of uncommon glyphs like the German capital sharp S, a nice arrowset and a ‘complete’ phonetic alphabet (well, 20 letters in IPA Extensions, some more in Latin Basic thru Extended B).


  |  available for Desktop and Web


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Iconized Iconized

We love webicons!

Iconized is an extensive icon-set for display application. The font contains more than 220 icons like arrows, filetype-, media-, eCommerce-, network and devices-, contact-, service navigation- and social network-icons with a whole bunch of alternatives for each glyph.

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