LetterBe of Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia is the foundry of Rustam Gabbasov.

Booster, a characterful sans for text setting, was developed taking into account the special features of the Cyrillic characters. It includes Latin letters too for mixed settings. Attention was paid to two simple things: letterspace and ascenders. Since the Cyrillic alphabet has few ascenders, it’s possible to boost the x-height considerably during the design thus allowing the Cyrillic to be more legible. Furthermore, Cyrillic benefits from generous letterspacing so the font family (regular and bold) exists in generous and tight letterspace versions. LetterBe also offers a wide stencil font, Truefaret.

Foundry details

  • Location:
    Revolutsionnaya 78-68
    Ufa, Bashkortostan 450005
    phone: +7 (3472) 66-42-42
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