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Established in 1986 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Masterfont is the region’s leading font supplier — with Hebrew, Arabic and Latin all available. The company can proudly claim to have revived a market in diverse, high quality Hebrew fonts.

Ms. Piki Rosenberg manages the marketing, while Mr. Zvika Rosenberg directs font design. Masterfont employs a team of type designers, technical support providers, and administrative personnel. Skilled designers — Zvi Narkiss, Yaakov Agam, Asher Oron, Pini Hemo, Asher Gat, Yigal Feurstein, Ada Yardeni, and many others and Masterfont’s own Zvika Rosenberg — have helped to build today’s library of almost one thousand styles (2,500 fonts), which at a stroke gives designers similar typographic freedom that they are used to in work in Latin languages such as English. So far, more than fifty type designers decided to release their fonts through Masterfont. The fonts that make up Masterfont’s library are chosen carefully in order to service a wide spectrum of users, from publishers and daily newspapers to graphic designers and business users. The basic package of fonts that Masterfont offers is chosen by Apple Computer of Israel and is included in every laser printer sold in Israel.

The combination of high quality fonts and innovative graphic design provides the perfect solution for any requirements of the company’s obligation to its clients. Masterfont continues to develop fonts and new typographical solutions in order to satisfy the varied needs in the industrial and design fields. Masterfont also encourages typographical designers to join the company in its extended marketing efforts.

System Requirements for Hebrew fonts

Features Open Type Standard Open Type Pro Open Type Pro with Ta'amim
Full Hebrew and Latin character set
Cross platform compatibility (Mac OSX, Windows XP, 7+)
Precise Nikud (vowels) positioning  
Intelligent Open Type Pro fonts with Ta'amim (Cantilation Marks) and Nikud.    
Alternate glyphs  
Proportional figures  
FontnameMF - same name as the old PS version for easy replacement.    
MF_Fontname – for easy locating    
MFT_Fontname – for easy locating    
Compatibility: Adobe CS4+ (Hebrew), CorelDRAW 15+ (Hebrew), MS Office 2010+ and other apps that support right to left.    
Compatibility: Adobe CS4+ apps (Hebrew), Publisher, MS Office 2010+.  
Notes No Nikud (vowels) or Open Type features.   Contact to order:

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