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Page Studio Graphics

Page Studio Graphics (founded 1986 by Roger Vershen) develops and publishes special purpose pictorial symbol fonts for Macintosh and Windows, marketed under the trademark PIXymbols. Each font package contains both PostScript and TrueType versions of the fonts (except for PIXymbols Musica, which comes in PostScript only).

PostScript fonts require the use of Adobe Type Manager (ATM). PC fonts are designed for systems running under MS-Windows from 3.1 or higher, up to current version, as well as NT. Macintosh fonts are designed for use with System Software 6.0x or higher, up to current version.

Font characters are accessed simply by pressing a key, or combination of keys on the computer keyboard. They can be scaled to any size, limited only by the application program used.

Packages containing .eps files require an application program which can access Adobe Illustrator 1.1 files.

75 packages are offered for the Macintosh, 73 for PC/Win. They include a total of approximately 180 fonts.

The first name of all our fonts is PIXymbols. All fonts are designed by Roger Vershen and were released between 1987 and 2001. All fonts are licensed only in packages. Packages contain from one to seven fonts.

Foundry details

  • Founded: 1986
  • Location:
    Page Studio Graphics
    1464 E. Ganymede Drive
    Oro Valley, AZ 85737
    United States of America
    phone: 520 797 9348
    fax: 520 797 9348
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84 font families from Page Studio Graphics

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