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PampaType is a digital foundry founded in 2001 with the idea of developing high quality typefaces with a particular Latin flavor. PampaType is based in Mexico city, and is run by Argentinean type & info designer Alejandro Lo Celso.

PampaType’s first release, Rayuela (Hopscotch), inspired by the novel of Argentinean writer Julio Cortázar, is an attempt to bring some informality into long-reading texts. Rayuela family consists of 13 fonts for text, display & ornaments, and it was a winner at the Bukva:raz type design competition held by the Association Typographique Internationale at Moscow in 2001.

Rayuela Chocolate 2.0 was prized at the Type Directors Club of New York in 2006.

A second release, Quimera, is a homage to French designer Roger Excoffon, and it is a series of five elegant, refreshing display fonts, with some horizontal stress that reminds us of Antique Olive.

The versatile Borges, a contemporary interpretation of a classic letterform, combines the delicacies of the Renaissance style with a slightly Dutch economic feeling. Borges has open counterforms which gives it a calmed balance, good for comfortable reading.

There are titling versions of Borges as well as a contemporary chancery: Borges Poema.

The Borges Titulo Hueca was awarded a jury prize at the latest Morisawa type design awards in Tokyo, 2002.

PampaType’s last release (2008) is Arlt: a text, display, and decorative family of typefaces, fully equipped with Opentype features. Inspired by another Argentinean writer, Roberto Arlt, the Arlt typefaces combine typographic elements of Baroque and Expressionism, reinterpretated with a contemporary flair.

Due to its vigorous rhythm, and the spicy atmosphere that it gains in text, Arlt text fonts are ideal for composing literature. There is “Arlt 7 Locos”, a series of irreverent, harsh fonts based on Buenos Aires' slang voices found in Roberto Arlt’s novels. There are also 4 titling versions of Arlt, a black open face, and two decorative sorts.

The first 2 text styles of Arlt were prized at the Creative Review type design contest, London 2005.

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  • Location:
    Av. México 177, depto. 3
    Colonia Del Carmen Coyoacán
    Ciudad de Mexico, 04100
    phone: (0052) 55 55 49 83 71
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6 font families from PampaType

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Perec Perec


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Borges Borges


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Arlt Arlt


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Margarita Margarita


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Rayuela™ Rayuela™


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Quimera Quimera

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