VersaType is a new Chicago-based digital type foundry which specializes in high-quality fonts and design consulting. It was created to promote and publish the designs of Jim Ford, but also offers a wide range of design services.

VersaType focuses on creating distinctive and original text fonts for print, branding, and soon – low resolution applications. The variety of typestyles offered provide exceptional legibility at small sizes and look great in headlines as well. VersaType strives for consistency, legibility, versatility, and integrity, without the sterility of more mechanical typefaces. Jim emphasizes the idea that fonts can be functional and usable across a number of applications, without sacrificing beauty and sophistication in the letterforms.

"I like to think of typefaces as voices for the content they are presenting. In some cases, they are merely gladiators, trained to fight the forces of less-than-perfect conditions. Type is [not only the most effective, but also] the primary vehicle for visual communication. Thanks Gutenberg!" - Jim Ford

Font families currently in production include: Kingston, Magneticus, Coggeshall, Ford Sans and Ford Serif. Jim has a long list of concepts for the future of VersaType, so expect to see them surfacing over the next few years. All styles incorporate the fruits of good typography: OpenType features, international character sets, points and punctuation, ligatures, figures and stylistic alternates.

Please contact Jim for information on custom fonts, consulting and other design services.

Foundry details

  • Location:
    Chicago, IL
    United States of America
    phone: 847 501 0273
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