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#1: Microbrew™

added March 25th by Albatross
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


16 fonts from $5.00 - some free
Microbrew™ Microbrew™

Microbrew is a versatile retro display family with 14 individual styles, plus retro banners, ornaments, and symbols. It’s a nice mix between wood type poster style, and vintage letterpress. The more detailed styles work well at large sizes, and the cleaner styles add legibility at smaller sizes.

#2: Pinto™

added March 25th by FaceType
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


14 fonts from $1.00 - some free
Pinto™ Pinto™

Written as drawn – the new font family Pinto™

#3: Festivo LC

added March 8th by Ahmet Altun
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


21 fonts from $5.00
Festivo LC Festivo LC

With the lowercases of Festivo Letters Font Family, Festivo LC comes with new sketches, new shadows and also ornaments. Festivo LC Font Family is a handmade layered font which includes several textures and shadows. Different font types can be created using various combinations of Festivo LC Fonts and colors.The kernings and the metrics of Festivo LC Fonts are not the same as Festivo Letters' kernings and metrics. It is advised not to use them together.The various possibilities of the Festivo Font Family allows you to create a lot of great works such as posters, magazines, printings, t-shirts etc.

#4: Gist Rough

added March 14th by Yellow Design Studio
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


40 fonts from $20.00 - some free
Gist Rough Gist Rough

Gist Rough from Yellow Design Studio is the letterpress version of Gist. It’s warm and weathered with a retro yet modern vibe. Every weight includes 3 versions with varying levels of texture which can be used individually or mixed to taste. It has highly detailed texture and looks great even at very large sizes.

#5: Modum™

added March 25th by The Northern Block Ltd
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


16 fonts from $39.00 - some free
Modum™ Modum™

A contemporary serif font family. The design takes influence from traditional serif forms to develop a precise, highly functional text face with a low contrast. Smooth radius details are blended with carefully drawn angles that give a crisp, distinctive aesthetic when used across body copy. Modum is a stylish modern day serif with great charm, harmony and practicality that is best suited for complex hierarchical projects, such as editorials, newspapers and text based books. Details include 8 weights and true italics, over 800 characters with alternative lowercase a, e, g and y. 7 variations of numerals, true small caps with accents, ligatures, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.

#6: La Chic

added March 6th by Cultivated Mind
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


12 fonts from $15.00
La Chic La Chic

The La Chic family comes loaded with an extended character set of 575 glyphs covering a range of languages and alternate versions of letterforms for display use.

La Chic’s Ligature feature comes with the standard fi and fl ligatures, as well as ff, ffi and ffl ligatures.

#7: Quickpen

added April 4th by Trial by Cupcakes
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


1 font from $29.00
Quickpen Quickpen

Quickpen is casual and carefree, designed to re-create the look of confident, quickly-jotted script with a felt-tip pen or brush. In OpenType, ligatures and contextual alternates for lowercase letters add a natural hand-written look, while swashes lend a bit more finesse. The perfect script for any design that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

#8: Predige Rounded

added March 15th by Type Dynamic
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


14 fonts from $33.00
Predige Rounded Predige Rounded

Predige Rounded is the softer version of Predige. Predige is a condensed and constructed sans type family, with a very low contrast. The Predige Rounded family includes 7 weights, from Hairline to Black, with their corresponding italics. Each font includes OpenType Features such as Proportional Figure, Tabular Figures, Numerator, Superscript, Denominators, Scientific Inferiors, Subscript, Ordinals, Ligatures and Fractions.

#9: Courtesy Script Pro

added March 6th by Sudtipos
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


1 font from $59.00
Courtesy Script Pro Courtesy Script Pro

As in Victorian times, the precious, hand-lettered look of custom stationery is back in vogue. Enter Courtesy Script, an original creation by Alejandro Paul.

#10: D.I.Y. Time

added March 12th by Latinotype
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


11 fonts from $15.00
D.I.Y. Time D.I.Y. Time

D.I.Y. Time is a hand drawn type system designed by Luciano and Coto inspired by the DIY philosophy which has been transformed into a whole global counterculture movement, identifying the new generations that reprice the handwork, paying attention to quality, processes and materials used in the manufacture of goods and objects, food, clothing, furniture etc. This beautiful philosophy inspires us every day. Is present in our homes, in our lifestyle and this time we have given him way through a typeface family that mixes different styles but integrates them through language handmade. The result is a typeface based on hand lettering drawing with different brushes and pens on paper. With versions ranging from organic proposals as DIY time hand to other based on the classic proportions of Gill as DIY time sans. To accompany a set of compound words designed on the needs of small farmers and a set of ornaments illustrated, everything you need to begin to make your own.

#11: Core Deco

added March 20th by S-Core
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


14 fonts from $5.00
Core Deco Core Deco

Core Deco is an Art Deco Fonts Family which consists of various styles, inspired by some art deco posters from late 1930s to 1950s.

#12: Mariné

added March 28th by TipoType
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


16 fonts from $19.90
Mariné Mariné

Mariné is a geometric sans but with the softness of humanistic strokes. It’s mild contrast and multiple different styles allow Mariné to work well as both a text and display font. It also includes an Up version and calligraphic features that add a touch of informality. Mariné is available in an extended family and is the close cousin of Amelia (available at MyFonts.com). All differences between Mariné and Amelia appear in the italic and Up versions.

#13: Ciao Bella

added April 3rd by Cultivated Mind
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


5 fonts from $15.00
Ciao Bella Ciao Bella

Cindy Kinash and Charles Gibbons’ Ciao Bella pairs the funky elegance of a hand-drawn copperplate script with four ornament fonts. The Ciao Bella script’s full range of international characters and alternates use of the power of OpenType to automatically create a genuinely hand-lettered look.

#14: Bommer Slab

added April 3rd by dooType
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


14 fonts from $15.00
Bommer Slab Bommer Slab

Bommer project started in January of 2014 and I am happy to announce the first family - Bommer Slab - is now ready for release. This family includes 14 weights - been seven uprights and seven italics.

This font has a strong personality, that makes it perfect for use in headline sizes but means it also works gracefully within text blocks.

#15: Ropa Sans Pro

added April 1st by lettersoup
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


32 fonts from $5.00 - some free
Ropa Sans Pro Ropa Sans Pro

Ropa Sans Pro is a sans serif font family of 8 weights plus extra designed italics and small caps. While the upright styles pay a distant homage to the technical aesthetics of the early-20th century DIN series, the strongly humanistic italics breathe in quirky freshness and create a unique flavor. Four styles (Ropa Sans, Ropa Sans SC, Ropa Sans Italic and Ropa Sans SC Italic) are available free of charge.

#16: Zona Pro

added April 3rd by Intelligent Design
  |  available for Desktop and Web


16 fonts from $10.00
Zona Pro Zona Pro

Zona Pro is a geometric sans-serif type family of 8 styles plus matching italics, designed by Kostas Bartsokas in 2013/14. It draws inspiration from 1920’s geometric style faces, having clean and highly readable shapes, and mixes it up in the heavier weights with a slight variance in the stroke widths, lending it a grotesque-ish unique and distinctive look.

#17: Aspira™

added March 18th by Durotype
  |  available for Desktop and Web


113 fonts from $49.00 - some free
Aspira™ Aspira™

Aspira: the legible geometric typeface.

Aspira is a multi-purpose typeface. It is suitable for both text and display use — for graphic design, corporate identity design, magazines, newspapers, books, reports, advertising, signage, etc.

#18: Dream Script

added March 6th by Lián Types
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


3 fonts from $24.95
Dream Script Dream Script

One of my dreams as a type-designer was making a good looking chancery cursive. Full of life, like some of the best calligraphers around the world do on their artworks.

#19: Risotto Script

  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


3 fonts from $15.00
Risotto Script Risotto Script

Risotto Script is a sexy font designed by Felipe Calderón, it represents the texture, sound, smell and flavor of food that come in those interesting packages with different concepts. This font makes you want to eat it because is designed with a unique texture like a lot of vegetables, it has flourish that pretends herbs and country roots.

#20: Acustica

added March 26th by Andinistas
  |  available for Desktop and Web


6 fonts from $14.67
Acustica Acustica

Acústica is a display font family designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo G. Its styles were designed to form words and phrases related to delicate and feminine contexts. Acústica Caps, Italic, Swashes and Ornaments are drawn investigations with flexible tip pen inspired by Didot capitals.

#21: Korb

added March 20th by JCFonts
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


4 fonts from $36.00
Korb Korb

Korb is a rounded sans serif family of four styles. It features a narrow geometric construction inspired by DIN letter shapes along with more unusual details like open counters and smooth connections between shoulders and stems. This makes the family suitable for a variety of applications, from corporate design to signalization.

#22: Proza

added April 5th by Bureau Roffa
  |  available for Desktop


12 fonts from $40.00 - some free
Proza Proza

Proza is a humanist sans serif typefamily, consisting of 12 styles (6 weights + italics), with roots in serif designs from the Renaissance, such as Garamond and Jenson.

Proza was made to function well at a large range of sizes, from the smallest of text sizes, to gigantic posters, making it a highly versatile type family.

#23: Haneda

added March 8th by Indie Type
  |  available for Desktop and Web


6 fonts from $10.00
Haneda Haneda

Haneda is a handwritten font by Indie Type. This font family is friendly, fun and easy to read. Haneda is made up of mix widths giving it a unique look. Perfect for magazines, book covers, stationery, greeting cards and websites.

#24: Duvall

added March 12th by John Moore Type Foundry
  |  available for Desktop and Web


8 fonts from $19.95 - some free
Duvall Duvall

Duvall is an idealization created from the Edward J. Duvall lettering. Mr. Duvall was a teacher in lettering, who was well known for his book “Modern Sign Painting” in the late 40s and early 50s.

#25: Rein Grotesk™

added March 21st by The Northern Block Ltd
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


7 fonts from $29.00
Rein Grotesk™ Rein Grotesk™

Rein Grotesk is a low contrast typeface with a strong, neutral personality. Its tall structure and open counters make Rein Grotesk a versatile typeface which is both readable at small sizes and legible in any display environment. The heavy weights of Rein Grotesk take on a less subtle nature due to it’s high stroke variation, transforming Rein Grotesk into a font that shines with an abundance of character, ready to inject personality into any project. Details include 7 weights and 240 characters with manually edited kerning.

#26: Maritime Champion

added March 8th by Kyle Wayne Benson
  |  available for Desktop and Web


10 fonts from $8.00
Maritime Champion Maritime Champion

Make no mistake, Maritime Champion is not simply seaworthy. This peacoat grubbing, all hands on decking, accordion serenading font is not for the faint of heart. He’s all caps all the time. Even the lightest of his six weights is enough to anchor a Man-o-War in any Caribbean maelstrom.

#27: Sofia Pro Soft

added March 22nd by Mostardesign
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


8 fonts from $26.00
Sofia Pro Soft Sofia Pro Soft

Sofia Soft is the rounded version of the successful Sofia Pro family. This softer variation with rounded strokes gives Sofia Soft a unique geometric sans friendly aspect for display uses, texts and headlines, branding, signage, print and web design projects.
Sofia Soft is the ideal companion of Sofia Pro and improve versatility of the global font family with optimized spacing and kerning for print and display. Sofia Soft supports extensive languages such as Western European, Central and Eastern European languages. Available in 8 versatile styles, all weights contain the same Opentype features than his sister with case sensitive forms, stylistic alternates, localized forms, standard ligatures, lining and oldstyle figures.

#28: Wonderhand

added March 29th by Martina Flor
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


63 fonts from $27.00
Wonderhand Wonderhand

Wonderhand is a new extensive family of scripts designed in seven widths and three weights. It also introduces a third design axis, the slant, presenting an upright 0° cut, a 20° cut and a 40° cut for each. Like written by different hands, eat cut has a unique appearance and character.

#29: Helsing

added March 8th by Great Lakes Lettering
  |  available for Desktop and Web


1 font from $30.00
Helsing Helsing

Helsing is a serif style font inspired by Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula as well as Edward Gorey’s rendition of the story. Helsing is characterized by his slighting skewed baseline, subtle texture, thick and thin contrasts, and decorative legs.

#30: Burlingame™

added April 4th by Monotype
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


36 fonts from $49.99 - some free
Burlingame™ Burlingame™

The Burlingame™ typeface family from Carl Crossgrove is a sturdy typeface with open, clear shapes that offer high legibility, even in constrained digital settings, or in challenging print environments such as tiny pharmaceutical labels. The design performs with strength and grace at any size. It’s a multifaceted, multipurpose typeface family – a perfect addition to the Monotype® library.

#31: Bobbin

added March 14th by Błażej Ostoja Lniski
  |  available for Desktop and Web


1 font from $19.00
Bobbin Bobbin

To design a font Bobbin I was inspired by a You And Me Monthly published by National Magazines Publisher RSW Prasa that appeared from Mai 1960 till December 1973 in Poland.

#32: Briller

added March 29th by Kostic
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


6 fonts from $40.00
Briller Briller

Briller is a super-wide display sans that covers 6 weights, from delicate Thin on one side to chunky Ultra on the other end. Briller tabular figures (via the OT feature) and most of figure related glyphs (such as monetary symbols) are the same width throughout the weights, leaving fun possibilities in pairing them up in contrast while retaining that sense of tabular order.

#33: Bookeyed Martin™

added April 10th by Tart Workshop
  |  available for Desktop and Web


2 fonts from $29.95 - some free
Bookeyed Martin™ Bookeyed Martin™

Huzzah for Bookeyed Martin, the much anticipated addition to the popular Bookeyed family. Upright & Strong he attracts eyes to his flashy serifs and ball terminals. His handsome lines, created with an old-fashioned dip pen & sepia ink, reference vintage type in a modern quirky style. Bookeyed Martin is an OpenType font with juicy alternates, ligatures, roman numerals, 2 sets of arabic numbers and charming extra glyphs to pimp out your project.

#34: Coco FY

added March 22nd by Fontyou
  |  available for Desktop and Web


1 font from $35.00
Coco FY Coco FY

Coco FY is a vintage script font reminding of storefronts sign paintings, and other hand-lettered street signs. With its high contrasts and its condensed forms, Coco FY will give an original retro style to your designs. This font will certainly find its pleasure on posters, packaging and branding.

#35: Lasiver

added April 5th by Type Dynamic
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


14 fonts from $33.00
Lasiver Lasiver

Lasiver is a simple, cool & dynamic type family. The Lasiver family includes 7 weights, from Hairline to Black, with their corresponding italics. Each font includes OpenType Features such as Stylistic Alternates, Proportional Figure, Tabular Figures, Numerator, Superscript, Denominators, Scientific Inferiors, Subscript, Ordinals, Ligatures and Fractions.

#36: Adria Slab™

added April 18th by FaceType
  |  available for Desktop, App, Epub and Server


14 fonts from $24.00 - some free
Adria Slab™ Adria Slab™

Adria Slab is a stylish slab serif typeface that comes in seven weights and charming upright italics. Try combine it with its super friendly family member Adria Grotesk.

#37: Luzern

added March 7th by Absolut Foundry
  |  available for Desktop and Web


10 fonts from $12.00 - some free
Luzern Luzern

Inspired by the most common grotesque heights and boxed sans serif typefaces, Luzern Typefaces was built with low-mid contrast sans serif and was designed in quite tall caps height and lower x-height which represents the flavor of the dynamic typefaces and is subtle for the display typefaces.

#38: Gardeny

added April 8th by Eurotypo
  |  available for Desktop and Web


1 font from $42.00
Gardeny Gardeny

#39: Pony

added March 11th by RodrigoTypo
  |  available for Desktop


1 font from $50.00
Pony Pony

#40: Strange Alphabets™

added April 9th by Typodermic
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


1 font from $30.00
Strange Alphabets™ Strange Alphabets™

Strange Alphabets is a narrow Arts & Crafts display font inspired by late 1800’s book covers and an early 1980’s variation of the Siouxsie & the Banshees band logo. Strange Alphabets includes copious punctuation and symbols. It’s loaded with fractions, numeric ordinals and operators because everyone needs mathematics; including goths.

In OpenType savvy applications, the first and last letter of a word will receive a small diamond ornament. If a word starts with M, the single diamond splits into three. Words starting with O will automatically use a tall O. If you’d like to force a tall O in the middle of the word, use a zero. Words that start with a double O such as Oolong, will receive a pair of tall O’s. A pair of O’s in the middle or at the end of a word will be replaced by a linked ring ligature.

If your application allows you to access OpenType stylistic alternates, you can change the A and H cross-bars into small rings and remove all the diamonds from the M. The hyphen, en dash and em dash are replaced with ring ornaments. A separate diamond ornament ◆ is included under Unicode 25C6. If you want to disable the automatic OpenType substitutions, turn off your application’s standard ligatures feature.

#41: Naive Inline Sans

added April 15th by La Goupil
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


6 fonts from $5.00
Naive Inline Sans Naive Inline Sans

Naïve Inline Sans is a handwritten font by Fanny Coulez for La Goupil Paris. The three weights of this new sans serif parisian typography can be enhanced with a bicolor interior, ribbed or full, to improve your designs and bring a feeling more modern and unusual. To do this, you must simply superimpose the 2 elements : the weight above, the interior below. Merci beaucoup!

#42: King Bloser

added April 16th by Misprinted Type
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


10 fonts from $69.00
King Bloser King Bloser

King Bloser Is a calligraphic font family inspired by Masters of Penmanship. The name King Bloser is a homage to penman E.W. Bloser from the 18th century; While the typeface has nothing from Bloser’s work, he was one of the first penman I got to know and his work made me fall in love with the art of Penmanship. This typeface has strong italic characters, beautiful swashes, several Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Ligatures and a broad variety of Lowercase Endings, as well as Lowercase Initials. (There is a PDF manual within the font files, explaining how to use them).

#43: Workaday

added March 21st by Yes Please
  |  available for Desktop and Web


2 fonts from $45.00
Workaday Workaday

Workaday from Yes Please is a bold and clean contemporary take on the classic American Sans Serif. Inspired by the wildly varied history of early to mid 20th century American signage, aircraft markings and industrial shipping vernaculars, Workaday exudes a timeless, classic flavor packed with a personality perfect for graphic headlines, packaging, copy setting and much more! Workaday features conventional ligatures, a standard set of accents and symbols, and a set of open type alternate characters to provide a versatile end-user experience. Workaday has seen action for Nike Sportswear, MSN, IFC, FX and more. Workaday is designed by Lee Schulz.

#44: Brutal Type

added March 11th by Brownfox
  |  available for Desktop and Web


8 fonts from $29.00 - some free
Brutal Type Brutal Type

Brutal Type — is a new sans serif typeface with a distinct manly character. It’s based on the shapes of DIN font, however radically reconsidered. Despite the apparent simplicity and obviousness of forms, the Brutal Type design is original and fresh. This font is universal and familiar to all, emotional and catchy at the same time.

#45: Appetite Rounded

added April 9th by Dzianis Serabrakou
  |  available for Desktop and Web


1 font from $49.00
Appetite Rounded Appetite Rounded

Appetite Rounded. Special rounded edition of the Appetite Typeface for awesome packaging design projects.

#46: Decima Mono X

added March 25th by TipografiaRamis
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


6 fonts from $35.00
Decima Mono X Decima Mono X

Decima Mono X is the upgraded edition of Decima Mono fonts (released in 2009). This version consists of the same (six) styles updated with larger character sets by extending number of Latin languages and by adding Cyrillics. The typeface is intended for use in display sizes, but is also quite legible in text and is well suited for editorial and brand design.

#47: Café Brasil

added April 18th by Sofia Mohr
  |  available for Desktop and Web


2 fonts from $39.00
Café Brasil Café Brasil

Café Brasil is a font designed to represent coffee, specially for it’s use in packaging, brand titles, logos and menus. Based on the shape of a coffee bean, Café Brasil has delicate details and ligatures which represent the liquid, foam and steam of a good cup of coffee.

#48: Saya SemiSans FY

added April 1st by Fontyou
  |  available for Desktop and Web


12 fonts from $50.00
Saya SemiSans FY Saya SemiSans FY

Our Saya FY FY family is growing with its new SemiSans version. Like the name already indicates, Saya SemiSans is more contrasted but still keeps its lightly condensed letterforms as well as its beatiful harmonized calligraphic details.
As fresh and elegant as its big sister, Saya SemiSans is the perfect choice for text and display use.

#49: P22 Wedge™

added April 5th by IHOF
  |  available for Desktop and Web


3 fonts from $24.95
P22 Wedge™ P22 Wedge™

Wedge’ is the outcome of a search for the essence of a formal alphabet for text — for 26 letters of the simplest form consistent with ease of reading..

#50: MFC Capulet Monogram™

added March 18th by Monogram Fonts Co.
  |  available for Desktop


4 fonts from $29.95
MFC Capulet Monogram™ MFC Capulet Monogram™

The source of inspiration for MFC Capulet Monogram is an alphabet set from the book, “Monograms and Alphabets for Combination” by Dollfus Mieg & Cie, first published in the 1890’s.

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