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Barcode fonts and software for making Code 39 barcodes.

Code 39 is one of the oldest and most popular bar code symbologies. It is used for ID, inventory, and tracking purposes. One reason is because the Code 39 character set includes both letters and numbers. The input string can be of variable length and the barcode symbol can vary widely in height and width.

[C128 Bar Code Sample]

Printing Code 39 barcodes couldn't be any easier. The Azalea C39Tools font collection makes Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) bar codes from within any Microsoft Windows or Macintosh application. The barcode fonts in C39Tools can be used with your custom application, database, or spreadsheet. The fonts are also available for Linux/UNIX and other platforms.

C39Tools includes 27 different Code 39 fonts. Switching among the individual fonts allows you to change the width and density of a bar code without changing its height. C39Tools also includes an OCR-B font for the optional human-readable characters above or below the bar code itself. Just about any size or shape you can dream up, C39Tools can handle.

The asterisk is used as the start and stop bar in Code 39, so to encode AZALEA simply format *AZALEA* in one of the Code 39 fonts. The best way to learn more about C39Tools is to read the C39Tools documentation. It includes more background material and specific instructions on how to integrate Code 39 into your work process.


  • Make Code39 bar codes.
  • Easy to copy/paste into your favorite layout program
  • Comes with plug-ins for Excel, Access, Crystal Reports and more
  • Azalea Software employees are certified UCC Barcode consultants

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Platform Single-User License
Windows perpetual
Mac OS X perpetual

Purchase Options: Site License

The following site licenses allow you to install the software on any number of computers at your location. You may choose how long you wish the license to remain effective.

Platform Site License
Windows 2-year 5-year 10-year
Mac OS X 2-year 5-year 10-year