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  • TransType by Fontlab Ltd.

Universal font converter. Turns a Windows font into a Mac font, or TrueType into PostScript (and vice-versa).

TransType 2.0 by Fontlab Ltd. is a universal font converter. It turns a Windows font into a Mac font, or TrueType into PostScript (and vice-versa). Very useful if you use fonts on multiple platforms, especially if your application just doesn’t support the other type. This font converter has flexible encoding options so that fonts for different languages can be easily converted between Mac and Windows. TransType allows you to use Mac fonts on Windows (please read the user’s manual for detailed instructions!). It offers superb autohinting ensuring solid screen quality of the converted fonts. It works in batch mode, allowing the conversion of hundreds of fonts at a time!


  • Convert Mac TrueType and Type 1 fonts to PC platform
  • Convert PC TrueType and Type 1 fonts to Mac platform
  • Convert TrueType fonts to Type 1 fonts
  • Convert Type 1 fonts to TrueType fonts
  • Optional autohinting of the converted fonts
  • Convert Multiple Master fonts from PC to Mac or from Mac to PC
  • Convert Multiple Master fonts to TrueType or Type 1 fonts
  • Preview fonts before and after conversion
  • Do batch conversions of whole libraries of fonts
  • Select both source and destination encodings of your converted fonts
  • Automatically build font suitcases when converting fonts to Mac
  • Automatically generate bitmap fonts (with ATM) when converting PC fonts to Mac

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