Positype Display Font Collection

Bundle of 16 fonts: $249.00

About this bundle

Positype has been one of the most recognized and award-winning independent type foundries around. When tasked with picking which display typefaces from the library worked well together, Neil Summerour compiled a special collection of typefaces of varying contrast, width, and weight—all chosen to work well together in almost any environment.

Those 16 fonts are now bundled into a single collection and offered at an unbelievable price. The collection includes everything from Clear Sans, a rational geometric sans serif that retains the warmth of design that radiates from the movements of the hand; to confident, unapologetically indulgent Lust. And it really stretches its versatility with the addition of Halogen, an expansive contemporary extended sans, and Lust Script.

Jump start your font menu with the multifaceted Positype Display Font Selection.