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Hanoded’s Magazine Fonts

Bundle of 10 fonts: $75.00

About this bundle

Sometimes finding the right font to create the artwork for your magazine, poster or book cover is a bit of a chore: it can feel like an exercise in sifting through thousands of typefaces trying to find the one with the perfect tone and feel that will pair well with the other fonts in your toolbox. Hanoded’s Magazine Fonts bundle is here to help lessen this workload with the release of this collection of 10 handmade fonts.

This collection was carefully crafted to insure that each of the fonts included would compliment each other, making pairing and creating typographical hierarchies in your designs a dream. In this bundle you’ll find a rough brush selection plus a few tall & thin fonts alongside a beautifully handwritten pencil font.

Any and all of these fonts would work perfectly for book or magazine cover design, in an editorial spread, or on a poster. Pick up Hanoded’s Magazine Fonts bundle to bring a little extra oomph into your designs.