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3IP Handwritten History

Bundle of 20 fonts: $149.00

About this bundle

Three Islands Press (3IP) is a one-man show whose owner, Brian Willson, began designing type as a lark back in 1993. His very first font was a modern handwriting simulation that—rather implausibly, he thought at the time—caught the fancy of a lot of folks. So it’s probably no surprise that handwritten designs remain his specialty.

What’s unique is that 3IP’s niche soon turned to historical scripts, beginning in 1994 with Texas Hero, the granddaddy of authentic old script faces. To this day Willson remains obsessed with creating fonts that fool people into thinking they’re looking at actual handwriting.

Nowadays, 3IP’s pen fonts span a wide arc of time—centuries, in fact, from about 1650 to just a few years ago.

Handwritten History is a bundle of 20 fonts modeled after actual handwriting across the ages, from the script on 18th century British muster rolls, to the penmanship of famous American men and women, to what might be the scrawl of your family and friends.

Where else might you find a type collection that’ll let you write like John Quincy Adams—or the busy waitress at the local pub, depending on your mood?