Black Foundry’s MUST HAVE Font Selection

Bundle of 15 fonts: $135.00

About this bundle

The MUST HAVE fonts selection is a collection of BlackFoundry’s 15 most popular fonts of 2016.

This collection contains one font from each bestselling family which includes Marianina, Marianina Extended, Hansom, Booster Next, Exquise, Beaurencourt, Belleville, Wes, Paname, Bruum, Saya SemiSans, Kaili, Achille II, Saya and LeanO.

Yes, that means 15 fonts from 15 families ! This is a very diversified collection that matches all your clients needs.

Here you'll find different genres (Serif, Sans and Slab) in several weights (Light, Regular, Medium and Bold ), offering OpenType features (Ligatures, Alternates, Swashes) and a wide range of styles : Contemporary, Old fashioned, Geometric, Vintage, Grotesk, Rounded, Delicate, Fonctional, etc.

The Must Have Bundle will allow you to find quickly and easily the right font for your project.