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The One & Only Serif Bundle

Bundle of 47 fonts: $158.33

About this bundle

The One & Only Serif Bundle is a collection of Wiescher-Design bestselling Serif fonts in useful weights.

It contains the most important weight of the original Bodoni Classic in roman & italic, Bodoni Classic Hand in bold and bold italic, Bodoni Classic Stencil in normal and bold and the beautiful Bodoni Classic Inline. The bundle also contains the modern La Bodoni in 3 weights with corresponding italic cuts.

Furthermore there are the hand drawn Fat Times, Hard Times in roman and italic as well as the famous Glass in light and with swashes plus the all times classic Imperia normal and with swashes.

My sturdy Egyptienne typeface Egyptia in 3 weights with corresponding italic cuts Plus the unusual Take Five in plain and with swashes, Supra demi serif in plain and italic, Lectra light and italic, Paillas plain and italic, the elegant typefaces Principe with corresponding italic cuts and the super elegant Eleganza in two cuts are adding to the usability of the bundle. Last but not least Royal Romain the font of the sun king of France Louis XIV gives extra value to the bundle.

Most fonts have extended language support, ligatures and multiple sets of numbers.
With this set of fonts you can cover most design jobs in modern corporate communication, signage, logos and especially editorial work.