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Altemus Bundle

Bundle of 24 fonts: $95.00

About this bundle

With this bundle of 24 of our best selling fonts, any designer will add an entire library of valuable, time-saving, high impact graphic elements to their tool kit. Some of the fonts in this set are old favorites like Altemus Borders, while others are new classics like Altemus Kitchen, all can be indispensable. Our fonts have been used worldwide since New York based designer Altemus release his first five fonts in 1996, a library which currently includes 56 unique fonts and is still growing. If you look at the dropdown font list on any professional designers’ computer, chances are you’ll already find a few Altemus classics.

Because they’re fonts, they can be set inline and travel with text. And since they’re vector, individual characters can be brought into a variety of programs at any size, broken apart, extruded, combined or modified endlessly. And every design character in every font of the Altemus Collection has the potential to be used in the development of a logo or identity system.

Each of the fonts in this bundle contain 174 designs, except for the Dingbats font which contains 197. Most of the fonts in the collection are built on a square slug and can be intermixed easily, except for Altemus Arabesques, calligraphic designs derived from early 20th century european arabesques which vary in width.

Each font comes with a printable PDF Showing all the information you need to get the most out of each font you purchase. On the full showing page, below each character design there is a code that refers to that design’s particular keyboard position and code, and indicates which modifier keys are needed to access it for Mac or PC.