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Emile Michel Hobo

Emile Michel Hobo has been wrestling with conventions all his life. Conventions and craftsmanship should go hand in hand, but seldom do. This is something that’s often featured in his work: attuning to customs, but a reluctance to fit in.

Whether it’s fencing, painting, drawing, screenwriting, or designing fonts, there always seems to be some kind of discrepancy between what people say the conventions are, and what they do. Feeling most comfortable within conventions, Emile often finds himself left without.

Even with his design of the Lectori Salutem and the Lectori Salutem Sans font, Emile finds himself wandering astray. Although his future fonts will move closer towards conventions, these fonts pose an intermediary step illustrating the moral struggle Emile is now going through.

All in all Emile has sought to maintain style, albeit style outside of regular conventions, and trusts there are people like him out there that endure the same struggle. These fonts were designed for them, and the works they create. May they find a home on their front page.

Personal details

  • From: Netherlands
  • Born: The Hague, 1980
  • What he does: Type Design, Art
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1 font style from $49.00